20 Tips For A Healthier Life For Your Health


20 Tips For A Healthier Life For Your Health  - What is the tips for healthier life for human? if you want to know that here is 20 Tips For A Healthier Life For Your Health that you can try by yours self, i hope you enjoy my article: Tips For A Healthier Life

20 Tips For A Healthier Life For Your Health

1. COOK RETRO (Tips For A Healthier Life)

Opt as much as possible for a main course like those before 1950: 80% of vegetables and legumes, more than 20% of animal protein. Exactly the opposite of our national steak and chips with his lettuce leaf that makes-configuration and anemic tomato slice that accompanies the good days. The meat becomes a condiment to add flavor rather than central to our plate.

2. MIXED VEGETABLES (Tips For A Healthier Life)

Broccoli is an effective anticancer agent and helps the body détoxifi er, but its eff and is even more powerful when combined with onions or garlic - or even tomato sauce. A good habit to adopt: add onions,


Tips For A Healthier Life For Your Health


3. EAT ORGANIC AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (Tips For A Healthier Life)

But also remember that it is better to eat broccoli with some pesticide residues above that to not eat broccoli (or other vegetable) at all.

4. spice DISHES (Tips For A Healthier Life)

Turmeric is the most powerful natural anti-infl ammatory. One can add (with black pepper) to almost any dish and the vinaigrette salad.

5. FORGET POTATOES (Tips For A Healthier Life)

Their starch raises the level of sugar in the blood. And they are so loaded with pesticides that farmers I know do not eat their own production (unless it is organic).


Tips For A Healthier Life For Your Health

6. BE "FISH" (Tips For A Healthier Life)

The pace: three times a week - sardines, mackerel, whole anchovies, which contain less mercury or polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) that larger fish such as tuna. Avoid swordfish and dogfish, now prohibited for pregnant women in the United States as they are contaminated (by their size).

7. CHOOSE GOOD EGG (Tips For A Healthier Life)

Prefer eggs "omega-3" or labeled "blue-white-heart", or so avoid consuming yellow. Since the chickens eat mainly soy and corn, eggs contain twenty times more omega-6 pro-inflammatory omega-3 than good for health.

8. OIL CHANGE (Tips For A Healthier Life)

Olive and rapeseed oils are excellent for cooking and salad dressings. As sunflower, are soy or corn avoided as too high in omega-6.

9. THINKING PHYTO (Tips For A Healthier Life)

Thyme, oregano, basil, rosemary, mint ...: the Mediterranean herbs are excellent for health. In addition to the fun, they bring many antioxidants, and even anti-cancer agents. Regularly add to its revenue.

10. LIVING "FULL" (Tips For A Healthier Life)

Preferably choose comprehensive, blended flour - pasta and complete and multigrain bread - and take the "bio" because pesticides land on the shell of the grain. Forget white flour as much as possible and cook their pasta al dente, as the Italians to avoid the rise of sugar in the blood.

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11. REDUCE THE SUGAR (Tips For A Healthier Life)

Do not take dessert systematically nor sodas and sweetened fruit juices. Avoid foods that mention on the package, sugar in any form whatsoever among the first three ingredients. Will off er fruit often, especially red berries, plums and peaches. And for a taste of "dessert" think dark chocolate over 70%.


Tips For A Healthier Life For Your Health

12. DRINK THREE CUPS OF TEA GREEN DAY (Tips For A Healthier Life)

Rather without food.

13. DO NOT ACT Ayatollah (Tips For A Healthier Life)

What matters are the basic habits, not the occasional small pleasures.

14. TAKE TIME TO WALK, (Tips For A Healthier Life)

to dance or run. Aiming thirty minutes of walking or equivalent per day. He did enough to walk fifteen minutes to go to the office or shopping, and come back walking too. A dog is often a better walking companion than a human partner. And there is more likely to stand in an activity when it brings pleasure.

15. GETTING THE SUN (Tips For A Healthier Life)

at least twenty minutes a day at noon in summer without sunscreen (but without developing sunburn). Or talk with her doctor her blood levels of vitamin D and the possibility to take orally.

16. AVOID COMMON CONTAMINANTS (Tips For A Healthier Life)

Ventilate clothes for two hours the return of dry cleaning. Use organic cleaning products (or wear gloves). Avoid heat the liquid in kettles or in plastic containers, and prefer cosmetics without parabens or phthalates. Forget pesticides in the house, and as much as possible in the garden. Replace old stoves whose Teflon is scratched. Filter water if the region is polluted by pesticides surrounding fields. Away his cell phone from his body during conversations.

17. CONTACT AT LEAST TWO FRIENDS (Tips For A Healthier Life)

to ask for their help during tough times, even if it is only by Internet or telephone. If they are close, do not hesitate to take them in his arms more often, as everyone loved.


by breathing to relieve pressure when life gives the feeling of being stuck.


Tips For A Healthier Life For Your Health


really every day, even if it does not last long.

20. FIND SOMETHING TO DO (Tips For A Healthier Life)

for his district, his village, and do it really.

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