5 tips for not getting sick in winter


5 tips for not getting sick in winter - You may be doing some of those who think that getting sick is simply the fault of bad luck, it is the others who have colds and you transmit. You probably know someone who catches a half dozen times by the cold winter. Perhaps you are a part? That was my case before.

5 tips for not getting sick in winter

I have good news and bad news for you.

The good is that it is that you can greatly influence by your lifestyle. The bad news is that is that you must be aware that it is mainly up to you if you fall ill repeatedly.

Remember: you are responsible for your health LE, no one will care for you, a doctor or pharmacist, or coach, or anyone. Your lifestyle determines overwhelmingly if you get sick ... Or not!

See immediately through 4 tips how to never get sick!

 1 . Your eating habits are crucial

If you read me regularly, you know what I recommend in terms of nutrition.

Let's take a simple picture: if you put Unleaded 95 in a car that runs on diesel, you think it will roll well?

This is the same principle with the human body.

How can you be in good shape and avoid getting sick if you chain ready meals, fast food restaurant, pizza, soft drinks and sweets?

This type of food does nothing for the human body, if not excess calories will be converted into fat.

The body is operating at full if you give it to him what it is made, namely raw foods such as fruits and vegetables, fish, eggs, meat and water, oilseeds, vegetable oils, in priority .

Everyone knows vitamins (especially vitamin C), know that the vast majority of what we need is found in plants.

So if you eat little (or none) of plants, it is certain that you suffer from deficiencies (more or less important) that will lead to disease after a while.

Indeed vitamins, by definition, are essential to the functioning of the human body. To take the example of vitamin C, not only there is much less in plants today, plus we destroy it by smoking, pollution, sport, stress ...

Vitamins are the guarantors of our immune system is the first pillar on which you can act by increasing consumption of raw products that I mentioned just above.

All this is true for almost all vitamins, except ...


2. Vitamin D, a pillar of the immune

Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin LA. It is synthesized by our skin in the summer when exposed to the sun, under a beautiful weather, lack of sunscreen. To synthesize enough must be discovered minimum (eg jersey).

The problem is that it does not work the whole year, from September to October is synthesized in no more, and 80% of the French population is deficient in winter.

Studies show that the peak of flu in winter is correlated to the lowest levels of vitamin D in the population.

Clearly, have sufficient vitamin D status greatly protects you against influenza.

And not as against it, vitamin D would protect against fifteen cancer, fight against chronic fatigue, against bone loss (for calcium absorption), against cardiovascular disease, decreases intestinal permeability, reduces the symptoms of diseases autoimmune (and the risk of developing).

Vitamin D is far from the only role for the maintenance of bone structure as was thought before!

Unless you eat 5 kg of salmon per day (hello budget), you can not ensure a sufficient intake of vitamin D through diet, intake is too low. Note that industrial foods fortified with vitamin D are an outright scam as the amount is ridiculous!

US researchers recommend at least 4000 IU per day to enjoy all the benefits that I have mentioned above.

Indeed monthly bulbs prescribed by doctors are a bad way to go. Better to have a constant rate that making a yoyo with your blood levels of vitamin D!

In summer, you expose a little each day, so supplementation principle must remain the same.

You can supplement you for less than 3 euros per month thanks to the sacrosanct Zyma D, available in pharmacies without prescription.

Go for it, if there is good supplement to take to ensure good health at low cost, it's this one!

You can control your blood levels with a blood test if you wish, knowing that the optimal rate is greater than or equal to 50 ng / mL.

3. Sport, essential to be great!

It is well known now, sports is a must to be in good shape and avoid getting sick.

This is particularly bodybuilding that is effective at health level, in fact those with more muscle mass live longer and in better health than others. It is logical to think that having a powerful body limit the risk of falls, keeps running longer, compared to sedentary people.

Moreover, sport whatever increases the longevity of individuals!

Sport does that well (except if one is injured), it has a beneficial effect in cases of inflammatory disease and even help to reduce the duration of illness when the practice at that key moment.

Sport is a major factor to be fit and avoid getting sick. Our bodies are made to move, sedentary lifestyle is the best way to develop all diseases in the world!

4. Sleep, Health captain

We know full need enough sleep to be fit, it's so obvious that I will not detail.

However, what is less known is that sleep deprivation puts the body inflammatory state and lowers the immune system, allowing to get sick more easily.
Lack of sleep makes irritable, have reduced intellectual and athletic performance, it is as if we amputated leg before walking 1km.

I will not detail more, just remember that respect his sleep cycles and meet our minimum sleep time to be fit is a prerequisite for being fit and avoid getting sick repeatedly since, conversely, getting enough sleep boosts immune system !

5. bonus tips

Do you want more ? Here are other tips to prevent pathologies, especially in winter.

You can make essential oil of lemon broadcasts (and other antiseptic essential oils if necessary) in your home if someone is sick or just to clear the air of your home!
You can take all bee products: good quality honey, propolis, royal jelly, with that you are sure to potentiate your immune system! Note that this also applies to the treatment of many diseases (flu, colds, bacterial infection ...)
You can supplement your vitamin C (500 mg to 1 g given that our needs are significant given our environment and poverty of the contributions, even by eating lots of vegetables) but not stuffed oranges tablets pharmacy additives and dyes, the true pure vitamin C powder (L-ascorbic acid) found easily on the internet (select trusted sites).
Eat organic foods due to their higher content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, you'll save money, especially as you can eat the skin.
You can supplement your magnesium (6 mg / kg / day) if you tend to be completely exhausted, you too emotional beings, you're cold all the time, you're irritable, anxious ... There's a good chance you are in deficit.
In conclusion, if you eat properly, so you do not miss micro-nutrients, that you exercise regularly and you sleep properly, you can be sure that you will decrease dramatically your risk of getting sick. When everything around you will have caught the cold or flu, oddly, the more you catch!


Personally, whereas before I enchaînais cold on cold winter now it's all over!

Tell me in the comments if you have already noticed an improvement at this level due to better nutrition, through sport or another.

5 tips for not getting sick in winter

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