5 Tricks Healthy Long Sitting in Car

5 Tricks Healthy Long Sitting in Car - Sitting for long periods is not only not recommended for office workers. They are often behind the wheel are also at risk of developing a variety of risks of diseases such as back pain to blood clotting.
"During the drive, the position of a person will tend to be stooped. Too long in this position will disturb the spine," says Chartered ergonomist and human factors specialist in the UK, Margaret Hanson.
So what can be done motorists to avoid this problem? Some of these tips may help. Check out his review, as reported Mensjournal, Saturday (01/30/2016) the following:
1. Seat
Seats must be wider than the hips and thighs. Seats should also be long enough to support the hamstrings, and the distance between foot and pedal cultivated as comfortable as possible to prevent pressure on the knees while driving.
RECARO Automotive Seating Group recommended, there is a distance of two to three fingers lag between the edge of the seat and the back of the knee.
2. Make sure that everything is within reach
You should be able to reach the pedals and all hand controls without stretching. "Having the steering wheel too far from the driving position can lead to tension in the shoulders and upper back discomfort," said Hanson.
4. Measure the distance the pedal
To find the ideal distance of the seat, slide your butt into the seat folds. From this position, the knee should be slightly bent when the pedal diinjakkan.
5. Set the tilt
Set the backrest tilt. "The level of comfortable chairs depending on one's convenience," said Hanson. In general, the angle of about 110 degrees at the hip.
6. Fix the headrest
Headrest or a headrest should be adjusted to a comfortable position of the head and neck. According RECARO, the slope of the ideal distance of about 2 cm from the back of your head. "If the headrest is too low, it could be a serious problem because it will not be enough headrest hold the head," said Hanson.
5 Tricks Healthy Long Sitting in Car

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