6 tips for healthy living


6 tips for healthy living - "For your health, eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day", "For your health, eat less fat and less salt," "For your health Avoid alcohol abuse" for those watch TV, you are subjected daily to these redundant and unnecessary advertisements. Nobody is going to say that on hearing "Yes, they are right, well I'll do a little jogging! "In addition, these messages are too gearboxes and incomplete, note the irony when they dare to" Eat less fat and less salt "at the end of an advertisement for the new McDonalds burger, it always makes me laugh!

6 tips for healthy living

Here are 6 tips TRUE to keep fit and healthy as long as possible, tricks you will not see obviously NEVER on TV.

1) Follow the basic nutritional advice -  (tips for healthy living)

The most important is to follow the dietary recommendations I have outlined in my previous article "What can be (yet) to eat today? "

Here is a brief summary:

  1. Do not go to fast food: it's not new, it's the worst thing to do. See American ...
  2. Stop the packed food dyes, preservatives, full of "E": chips, Curly, sodas, syrup ...
  3. Banish the high glycemic index foods: classic baguette, white pasta, white rice, refined sugar ...
  4. Eat low GI foods: vegetables, pulses, oilseeds ...
  5. Avoid gluten, lactose and casein: pasta, bread, cakes, wheat flour, animal milks, cheese, butter, margarine, yogurt, cottage cheese ... All these foods promote intestinal permeability, contributing to the development of an impressive number diseases: schizophrenia osteoarthritis, via rheumatoid arthritis, ... in short any kind of diseases.
  6. Eat fruits and vegetables at every meal: take organic because some are treated in conventional farming. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc ... Vary, all are good for health. To borrow a familiar slogan: "Eat them all! "
  7. Limit consumption of red meat and large fish: Red meat contains antibiotics, toxins, many saturated fats. If you take, it is important to take bio (because chemicals love to store in fat). For fish, avoid the top of the food chain (ie the largest) because they have a high concentration of heavy metals. You can eat white meat several times a week but prefer organic.
  8. Eat organic eggs: very good for health, consume them without hesitation!
  9. Optimize your intake of Omega-3: olive oil, canola, flax, oily fish (sardines, salmon, mackerel ...). All these foods are good for the heart, memory, mood. Omega-3 helps to even weight loss!

2) Avoid BPA - (tips for healthy living)

Bisphenol A or BPA is a chemical compound used in combination with other elements in the constitution of plastics and epoxy resins. It is found everywhere: in plastic containers, the lining of metal cans (including cans), water bottles made of hard plastic (found in business, waiting rooms ...), the receipts and until recently time it was still found in baby bottles. Bisphenol A is very toxic and unfortunately it penetrates easily in the body.

Many studies have proven harm: it weakens the tooth enamel, is probably responsible for many cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, it affects the brain, reproductive function (this is an endocrine disruptor). I suggest you take a look at the Wikipedia, the risk list is very long.

The first thing is to NEVER heat a plastic container of food.
It is extremely toxic because BPA passes directly in food (though, I often see people put plastic dishes in the microwave oven: never do that). When you buy your goods in store, beware of plastics. Do not worry, there is a simple way to detect bisphenol A: on the package you can find the recycling logo with a triangular shape with a number inside.

IDs 3, 6 and 7 indicate products that are very likely to contain bisphenol A. Avoid like the plague! Replace canned vegetables frozen vegetables for example. They stand a long time and have as many vitamins as fresh vegetables.

Note: I know there are only for broccoli that freezing destroys a valuable compound, it is sulforaphane, a very useful anti-cancer molecule to prevent this disease.

The bisphenol S (even more toxic compound that BPA) and phthalates (used to make soft plastics) are also harmful to health. All I have said before avoids bisphenol A, bisphenol S and phthalates. It is important to note that these three chemicals are ubiquitous in the environment and they are fat soluble that is to say, they preferentially store in fat. So this is one more reason to limit your fat meat.

3) Stay away from the aluminum - (tips for healthy living)

Aluminum is a lot of attention, especially in deodorants. Actually it is a very toxic metal (especially neurotoxic) is not supposed to get into the body. If the number of cases of Alzheimer's disease is increasing, this is no accident.

In fact, aluminum is found really everywhere: deodorants, food additive (E173), tap water, vaccines, aluminum foil, kitchen utensils, pots, pans, drugs ...

My advice is simply to avoid using or consuming any products containing aluminum:

  1. Deodorant: do not buy antiperspirant. Take a deodorant without aluminum and parabens.
  2. Do not buy foods containing E173: anyway you know now that you should buy any industrial product.
  3. Tap water: use of filtration means.
  4. Vaccines: they raise many controversies, especially regarding their harmfulness.
  5. Kitchen tools: simply avoid those aluminum
  6. Pots and pans: lez does not take aluminum, simply.

4) Take fewer drugs -  (tips for healthy living)

You have a sore throat or a headache? The reaction of most people is to take a doliprane. This is a very bad idea to do this systematically, drugs are harmful in the long term.

Every year in France, tens of thousands of people die because of drug side effects (and hundreds of thousands are hospitalized)! Often we take drugs to cure minor ailments, we think it does not matter. They are used for headache, the stomach hurts, because we are constipated, for a lot of reasons.

But this excessive consumption affect health status. On most records medicines, the list of side effects is as long as your arm. Yet there are a lot of ways to heal naturally and without side effects minor ailments every day: a tea, essential oils, plants, propolis ...

Limit your intake of medication, you do you will wear better.

5) Take dietary supplements - (tips for healthy living)

This complements the previous item in the sense that if you have an optimal vitamin and mineral status, you will be healthier, your doctor visits will be scarce, you will not spend money on drugs.

I discussed in another article but should be detailed vitamin C and vitamin D:

Vitamin C: particularity is that Man is one of the few species that do not synthesize. That is why we must bring in food. Only fruits and vegetables that we bring are less rich in vitamin C than before. In addition, the needs are greatest with our modern life: polluted cities, cigarettes, drugs consumed in excess, too much sport for some, stress, lots of stress. For example, a packet of cigarettes destroyed 500 mg of vitamin C! All this leads to an overproduction of free radicals in the body that vitamin C is responsible for neutralizing.

Therefore, the level of vitamin C in the blood significantly decreased and we are particularly fragile. Thus it is then very easy to catch a cold, flu or worse. The famous "Eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day" therefore proves insufficient for anyone wanting to take care of his health. Generally, 1-2 grams supplementation is a good thing. Adapt your supplementation depending on your levels of exposure to the above factors and depending on your feelings. Some researchers needs can climb to more than 10 grams. The surplus is eliminated in urine.

Too large doses cause diarrhea. Choose a pure Vitamin C, that is to say not in capsule or tablet, take the powder. Take as the "L-ascorbic acid-handed" is the only interesting. To my knowledge it is not in pharmacies, and this is the irony, so you must buy on the Internet. Vitamin C in pharmacy (with colors, flavors, added sugar) sells to more than € 10 for 30 tablets of 500 mg (15 days of use 1 g / day), this would amount to more than 200 € per year ! I got mine for less than 60 € for a 1 kg pot without any additives. Calculate the difference.

Vitamin D: the skin directly synthesizes when is exposed to sunlight. You should know that it is the UVB that allow its synthesis and the windows filter out UVB, so you do not produce vitamin D through glass! Pollution and sunscreen greatly reduce this synthesis. The synthesis is the largest in the hottest hours of the day. For your daily dose, you expose 15 minutes, with the least possible and without sunscreen clothing between noon and two. That's for the summer. In winter, it is necessary to supplement since this synthesis is no longer possible (80% of the French population is deficient in winter).

The alternative intake is through food, or no food is rich enough vitamin D to meet our needs. It would have to eat several kilos of fish every day, considering the price and the heavy metals they contain, it's not the solution I suggest you! I recommend daily intake of 4000-5000 IU (2000 IU per 30 kg weight). This supplementation prevents osteoporosis, protects against cancers fifteen, has a beneficial effect on immunity ... Many studies have shown these benefits. Go for purchase Zyma D is really cheap compared to the health effects. Take a vitamin D dosage regularly to check your vitamin D levels in the blood.

Multivitamin Complex: in the context of stress, lack of vitamins in the environment, etc., it is useful to take a multivitamin supplement to fight against stress and fatigue. These supplements are rich in antioxidants. One of the best on the market is the NuPower. Check for iron, copper and manganese if you opt for another. This is a very important criterion for choosing a product, do not bring these metals as a dietary supplement. If you are afraid of taking an overdose of vitamin C + vitamin D + NuPower or another multivitamin, do not worry, the NuPower contains little of these vitamins from the fact that French legislation on food supplements imposes restrictions.

6) Take regular exercise - (tips for healthy living)

This advice is a must, especially if you work sitting or you do not move much in the day. Playing a sport is good for the soul, for the heart, for the physical, to fight against diseases, to lose fat, to meet people ...

There are only positives to practice a sport!

Just be sure to avoid excess: Do not jogging every day, it makes sense. Adapt your consumption of vitamin C as I mentioned in the previous point. Beware if you have never done sports or at least for several years, do not put it abruptly. Start slowly and go crescendo.

tips for healthy living

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