7 Tips to regain a healthy life


7 tips to regain a healthy life - Find a healthy pace of life is important. Between work stress and fatigue, here are some ways to feel better in body and in spirit.

If you feel more and more tired and anxious and you stop having colds or sore throats, that means it's probably time to accommodate your daily to have a healthier life.

7 Tips to regain a healthy life

1. Take the air

Although it is winter, this should not be an excuse not to take the air. Take the opportunity to practice a sport in order to have a calmer life. If sport is good for health, it is primarily because the endorphins and dopamine released during physical activity help keep energy and also re-boost morale.

Whether outdoors or indoors, practice in the gym, jogging, swimming, brisk walking or yoga. Fatigue caused by sports also allow you to have more restful sleep and better regulate your nights.

2. Drink green tea

Reduce your consumption of coffee and opt for green tea. Very good for health, this hot drink will let you take care of your body. In fact, green tea is known for its antioxidant effects. It helps fight against bad cholesterol, but also reduce arterial hypertension.

It slows the effects of coagulation that can block vessels or arteries by thinning the blood. But it is important to note that the benefits of green tea appear only in the case of regular consumption and a healthy lifestyle.

3. Reduce salt intake

To live well, it is important to eat well. But still need to know how to cook healthy. Start by reducing the presence of salt in your dishes. An excessive consumption of salt night seriously cardiovascular health. According to figures from the National Agency for the safety of food in France, salt consumption is approximately 10 g / day for men and 8 g / day for women.

However, it should not exceed 8 g / day for men and 6.5 g / day for a woman. Make sure your dishes less salt during preparation, but also do not overdo it when you are at the table. To season your dishes, then bet on the pepper and spices to replace the lack of salt in taste.

3. Prepare drinks rich in vitamin C

Prepare your own drinks. Often, fruits and vegetables tend to disappear from our diet. To consume, it is possible to realize smoothies and other small juice to be sipping throughout the day.

For this, fill a jar with water and add lemon slices, orange and some grapes. Also remember to put sheets of basil or mint. Let it sit for 15 minutes and enjoy. Thus, you will gain in vitamin C which will have the primary effect of re-boost your body and especially to strengthen the immune system.

4. De-stress with relaxation therapy

Practice relaxation therapy. This technique allows to better manage stressful situations and relaxes your body. It is a mix between a work on breathing, muscle relaxation and visualization of positive images.

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. The aim is to imagine an environment that evokes fond memories and visualize positive images. This exercise helps to soothe the body and mind. It can be practiced with music. Similarly for visualizations, music should evoke some positive things, memories and well-being.

5. cocooning

Re-learn to take you home. Cocooning means taking pleasure in staying at home, without having any particular activity. Take the time to be at home to relax and unwind. Take the opportunity to catch up and watch series, finish the book you dropped, invite friends to dinner, or take the time to cook.

6. Eating goji berries

Make a goji cure. This bay is known for its medicinal properties. It enhances energy and provides the immune system slowing down the aging of cells and reduces the effects of fatigue on the body.

They are usually consumed dried, but also fresh fruit or juice. Goji also helps fight against the development of tumors or cell degeneration. It is recommended to consume 10 to 20 grams each day. The goal is to gradually increase the amount ingested.

7. Drink less alcohol

A gram of pure alcohol contains 7 calories, almost as many as in the butter into account 7.6. The cocktails which are a mixture of alcohol, are juice and syrup the worst enemies of a balanced meal because of the amount of sugar that can be absorbed.

Thus, the report notes that drinking a piña colada is as rich as a cheeseburger because rum and coconut milk which both contain a lot of sugars. And contrary to popular belief, the addition of ice cubes in his glass slowed intestinal absorption, but not alcohol and therefore calories. In addition, alcohol consumption is known to be incompatible with a peaceful night sleep. It generates disorders and insomnia.

7 Tips to regain a healthy life

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