A career in pediatric physical therapy


A career in pediatric physical therapy - Paediatric Physiotherapy Service

Pediatrics is an elderly customer from 0 to 17 years with either a postural problem (eg torticollis, scoliosis, limp child sitting in W), a flat head (eg plagiocephaly), a delay or a development disorder (eg moving on the buttocks), a neurological condition, an orthopedic problem (eg sprains, post-fracture or surgery, patellofemoral syndrome, Osgood-Schlatter) or other ...

A career in pediatric physical therapy


overall evaluation of the child to know the impairments and disabilities in order to guide the monitoring to achieve the objectives with parents.


At the first meeting, the therapist performs a subjective evaluation to know the child and clarify expectations of parents (questions about the history of childbirth, the history of development, difficulties ...).

Subsequently, the therapist conducts an objective evaluation. This first is to observe the child in his motor activities (maintenance positions, balance, movement, quality of movement, etc.). It then evaluates the posture, tone, flexibility and muscle strength of the child.

To conclude the meeting, the therapist explains the results of the evaluation to parents and determines with them the therapy goals and frequency of meetings. She then advises stimulation activities to do with the child at home.


Each meeting is a play therapy including facilitation techniques, posture correction techniques and other activities used to achieve the objectives. The physiotherapist always includes advice for parents.

During the therapy, the therapist also assesses the child, ensure that it meets the proposed modalities (techniques, home exercises, frequency therapies ...) and adjusts as needed.

* In some clinics, the service is offered at home or in day care.

A career in pediatric physical therapy

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