Acupuncture and physical therapy


Acupuncture and physical therapy - What are acupuncture and physical therapy?

Acupuncture and physical therapy


A comprehensive energy approach

From the first date, the acupuncturist performs a comprehensive evaluation of your overall health. To do this, it uses a detailed questionnaire for the evaluation of all your signs and symptoms. Subsequently, it determines with a clinical examination exhaust the nature of the violations. Finally, it will process by stimulating the points identified using needles, electro-stimulator currents or laser. Interventions are often made in the absence of pain. Acupuncture also will lavish you with advice to help you prevent relapse and maintain your health.

An inter-professional collaboration

The acupuncturist, by his clinical skills, working closely with all the professionals of the center to ensure optimal healing. It may, therefore, benefit from diagnostic and clinical information obtained from other professionals. Whether you have an acute or chronic pain following a personal accident, work accident or a road accident, the interventions of the acupuncturist will maximize your recovery. Processing fees may be refunded in whole or in part by your private insurance, the CSST or the SAAQ.

Demonstrated effectiveness
A consensus of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in 1997 confirmed that acupuncture treatments can stimulate endorphins and other peptides in the central and peripheral nervous systems. Furthermore, the acupuncture favors the induction of changes in neuroendocrine functions.

Physical therapy

Long experience in diagnostics and holistic therapies
We offer a comprehensive therapy concept which, in cooperation with the HG Naturklinik, helped a lot of people, near and far, for over 25 years.

professional expertise and holism
Our strength lies in bringing high-quality processing techniques with specific therapies and holistically oriented nature.

The patient at the center
We see people holistically, that is to say, body, soul and spirit. Therefore, all treatments are individually tailored to each patient.

refined and relaxed atmosphere
We attach importance to a refined and relaxed atmosphere, for relaxing the nervous system is a prerequisite to healing and stay healthy. At home, the patient can find relaxation, peace, and security.

skilled hands and forces of nature
Our hands are our best tools. But let us also be valuable products and the forces of nature, as well as elements such as eg. clay, water, oils or salts.

Healing the nervous system

Under the concept of therapy HG Naturklinik we offer various therapies that promote self-healing powers, eg. in cases of stress, fatigue or exhaustion:

  • Treatment of nerve points
  • Massages and healing rest
  • Lymphatic drainage of the head
  • Massage with hot oil
  • Brush massage the whole body
  • Foot massages

Massages are among the oldest methods of manual therapy in the world for relaxation and pain relief:

  • classic massage
  • Massage colon
  • Reflexology Massages
  • Honey Massage
  • Deep tissue massage (acidosis)
  • Therapeutic exercises

Medical gymnastics is an active form of treatment with instructions for self-care:

  • Therapeutic exercises
  • manual therapy
  • Gymnastics perineum
  • craniomandibular dysfunctions
  • Osteopathy

This holistic manual therapy will restore balance to all systems of the body through targeted examinations and manipulations.

  • Structural Osteopathy musculoskeletal
  • craniosacral osteopathy in a migraine, stress, accidents, shock, etc.
  • visceral osteopathy in disorders of internal organs

Pain Treatment
Different therapies are combined here to remove blockages, congestion and induration in the connective and muscular tissue, with indications for self-care, eg. :

  • neurophysiological pain therapy
  • rate matrix therapy
  • Integration and connective tissue massage
  • pneumatic pulsation therapy
  • Dolo-Taping, Kinesio-Taping (dressings)
  • Therapies for the correction of the attitude

targeted holistic bodywork to reposition the spine and to balance the joints and muscles:

  • holistic posture therapy (balancing muscle and fascial chains)
  • Treatment of scoliosis in three dimensions
  • Therapy of the spine Dorn
  • therapeutic Pilates
  • orthopedic back exercises as Brügger
  • Sling-Training

Treatments for children
Infants, young children and adolescents can be very helpful with individually, eg., Behavioral disorders, development and concentration.

  • integrative Osteopathy
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Trauma
  • Screaming children / birth trauma
  • proven expertise in treating

Connective tissue disorders / Metabolism of
joint pain and spine
pain syndromes
Deformations and musculoskeletal disorders
organic ills
Elimination of disorders due to scar tissue, etc.
Aqua Therapy

Water cleanses, revitalizes the earth, heat relaxes, invigorates the air!
We offer the following applications:

Medical baths: salt, plant oils, algae and medicinal mud
Whirlpool (underwater massage)
Long shower
clay poultices, medicinal mud, salt and plants
Massages salt and oil
Footbath bioenergy
Alternative footbath according Schiele
hot and cold therapies
infrared cabin
lymphatic decongestive therapy
Activation of the lymphatic circulation is essential for cleaning fabrics and the stimulation of the immune system. According to the clinical picture of the disease it will be activated by the different therapies:

Manual lymphatic drainage
Therapy in edema / compression bandage
regulation therapy by the interference current (fresh electrotherapy)
Drainage joint mobilization not
Lymphatic drainage of the head with reflexology on the sinus drainage and inside of the mouth
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Acupuncture and physical therapy

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