Be satisfied: the solution with meditation!


Be satisfied: the solution with meditation! - Meditation can help you become both more satisfied at work and in your everyday life in general. If you spend 35 to 40 hours a week in a job you do not like adding to that housework, shopping, travel and obligations that you'd rather avoid! All this added to each other can create sadness and a sense that your life escapes you!

Be satisfied: the solution with meditation!

A daily meditation practice will not only relieve stress but also bring you inner peace and clarity on all the things that bother you especially if you are dissatisfied with your current life.
While you meditate and you are quiet, you can turn your mind temporarily on why you are frustrated or unhappy. You might be surprised to discover that much of the attitude of others towards you comes from the energy that you project unconsciously. Very often we see things in a negative or pessimistic angle without us being aware that we project this attitude where this behavior are felt by others and has consequences for how they will share with us.

If you are unhappy, angry, annoyed, frustrated or insensitive, you can try to hide it but one way or another, it will be displayed. You can feel his feelings, be aware, but maybe you do not measure the impact they have on your quality of life or your relationships with others.

Be satisfied: the solution with meditation!

Sure, there may be several objective reasons for your job dissatisfaction with eg low wages, higher that do not recognize or do not appreciate your talents, uncooperative colleagues, boredom, lack of creativity , too much pressure, and so on. All of these external conditions can be alleviated through meditation.
If you listen deep within you how to solve a situation, you may feel a strong desire to become more compassionate towards others; or push you outside your comfort zone and show real initiative; perhaps it is time to use the experience of what you have learned in this job to look for something else more satisfying.

Meditation has the ability to bring you into the present moment and to free yourself from both the past and the future. Right now, you may wonder, "How can I do in this situation to make it satisfactory? "
Even if you think there is no possible way there is always a way. You can start to become grateful for having a job, you can enjoy the things you own (who need your care and attention), you can be grateful for what you learn, etc.
You can learn to turn your mind to see everything you get. This will have the effect of opening your eyes to the opportunities that lie in every situation. This video of Alice Herz Sommer is an example (click here to view).
Daily meditation will give you the tools to see what you plan to change your perspective of a situation to turn "bad" to "bonme". Then as you change your perspective and your attitude, you change your behavior and both the reactions of others but also all the opportunities that you did not see until now you are going to benefit.
Starting from this, there are only good things that can happen! Good meditation!

Thank you, Be satisfied: the solution with meditation!

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