Benefits of Dragon fruit For our health

Benefits of Dragon fruit For our health - There are 2 types of Dragon fruit, namely Dragon fruit Dragon fruit are red and white. Red Dragon fruit Dragon fruit is that its flesh is red, while the White Dragon fruit Dragon fruit whose flesh is white. Both types of Dragon fruit gives good impact for our bodies. The body will become healthier after consuming the fruit. Consuming fruits daily can increase the durability of the body from various diseases.

Benefits of Dragon fruit For our health

There are many benefits and uses of health Dragon fruit. Based on research at leastno less than 10 benefits of Dragon fruit ditemukn by health researchers. The more frequently consume fruits then will increasingly provide a good effect for our bodies.But consume fruits also should not be berlebihn. Because something redundant alsothe result will not be good.


There is a lot of content and mnfaat contained in the fruit. Here we pass 4 positive thing that can be obtained by the body after consuming a dragon fruit.

Benefits of Dragon fruit

1. Lose weight

Dragon fruit is a fruit that is rich in fibre. So if you consume the fruit then you will feel full. So there is no need to eat other foods. This will automatically reduce the portion of your meal. Consume the fruit will mengenyagkan and menyehtkan our bodies.


2. Prevent Cancer

Dragon fruit is very rich with antioxidant phytoalbumin. This substance that helps the formation of free radicals are carcinogenic. The formation of this goes on in our bodies. Dragon fruit is also rich in fiber, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins C, B2. In addition to that the fruit will also be removing the toxins in the body. So that reduces the risk of cancer.


3. Preventing diabetes mellitus

Dragon fruit can prevent the onset of diabetes in humans. Dragon fruit can kill evil generated by unhealthy life pattern. Sugar levels contained in the Dragon fruit is very small. So it is safe for diabetics. If you eat a dragon fruit diabetes sufferers.

4. Good for bones and the blood

The content of calcium and iron in the Dragon fruit is quite high. Dragon fruit is good for bone health and blood. One small dragon fruit meet 1 percent of daily value that we need. Dragon fruit is a better food source of iron. In addition to helping bone health, calcium in the fruit needed for muscle function. It also works for nerve transmission. Iron is needed by the body to carry oxygen to all parts of our body. The flesh of the fruit is very high in vitamin c. Vitamin c in the body is very helpful to improve the body's ability to absorb iron more. So your body will become more healthy
Benefits of Dragon fruit For our health

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