Causes of Brain damaged and easy Tips Keep Your brain health

Causes of Brain damaged and easy Tips Keep Your brain healthThe brain is a place to store a variety of memory or memories in life. Through the performance of the brain, we can recite the song, given the memories of the past, daydreaming, concentrating on working on the problem repeats, etc. In fact, because of the severity of the brain works, this organ is apparently spend more calories from the foods that we consume rather than other organs in the human body.
Because the brain is one of the vital organs of the human body, then it should be if we keep and take care of him in order to function optimally. If the brain is not treated and guarded well, our brain function will be interrupted. As for the disturbances that could appear on the brains of madness/psychiatric, mental handicap, brain cancer, hallucinations, paranoid, etc. To prevent interference in the above, we consider it will be good tips for maintaining brain health:

easy Tips Keep Your brain health

1. no smoking and Consuming illegal drugs

The habit of smoking and consuming illegal drugs will make our brain function decline. In addition, the brain will be susceptible of developing various diseases from mild to severe.
Some say that heavy smokers in quitting smoking, they cannot think. Whereas, theopinion is not entirely correct. It was more because of suggestions that are embedded in people's minds. Avoid beverages or illegal drugs is also highly recommended for the sake of the health of our brains for the long term.

2. Lack of sleep and rest the Brain

After a day of brain used to think, we also need a break like other organs. should werest the brain a while if is often used for heavy thinking.
Shutting down the brain could do with dozing, listening to slow music, chatting casually, Watch Comedy movies, etc. In addition, sleep (6-8 hours/day) are also useful for refreshing after brain used to think hard.

3. A diet is wrong and not healthy

Consume nutritious food, because the human brain needs a sufficient supply ofnutrients to think and grow. also to have breakfast with snacks but rich in nutrients.
In addition, keep your diet to avoid obesity. This is because obesity may be badly brain health in which the flow of blood to the brain can be clogged.

4. Lack of oxygen and air pollution

The brain essentially require oxygen for maximum activity. Therefore, avoid places which have high pollution levels. If necessary use a mask when out of the House or while driving. Fix also the circulation or air vents, if the room feels suffocating or stuffy.

5. avoid Thinking too hard

People who stress or depression usually used his brain constantly to think about problems that there is no end of his roots. It could be a bad impact on physical health.
When you get depressed, you should talk to nearby friends or guidance counseling so that your problems quickly resolved. If you are ill, you should not think that all kinds of psychic disorder, since it is usually closely related to the physical.

6. Rarely used to think

If you don't want your brain function decline or senility is experiencing, you must train your brain by learning, critical thinking, debating, playing puzzle games, play music, etc. If the brain is rarely used, the brain will weaken and shrink. As a result, you will always have to think when you are invited to speak.

7. Protect your Head from the collision and injury

Bad habits that we may still do to this day is the drive without the use of a helmet.Whereas, the helmet has an important function to keep the brain from the collision if the things that you don't want to happen. Use also a hat if conditions outside weresweltering.

easy Tips Keep Your brain health

Causes of Brain damaged

Avoid bad habits below:

1. not want breakfast

Do not consume food in the morning caused the decline of the sugar levels in the blood causes a lack of input of nutrients to the brain finally happened the decline ofbrain function.


2. most eat

Too much eating mainly foods contain lots of glucose (sugar) causes hardening of the blood vessels and inhibits the absorption of protein and other nutrients in the brain.


3. avoid fast food.


4. Cigarette smoking

Smoking leads to decrease in the volume of the brain we end up losing its functionsand disrupted brain development.


5. Air pollution

The brain is the part of the body that are most heavily pervade the air. Too long in the environment by polluting air makes the work function of the brain decreases.


6. Lack of sleep

Sleep allows the brain to rest. Less

some of the things that causes damage to the brain.

In terms of food and drink:

1. Former mineral water bottles
Maybe some of us have the habit of wearing and wearing reworked plastic bottle (Aqua, VIT, etc) and put them in the car or at the Office.
This custom is not good, because plastic bottles (also known as polyethylene terephthalate or PET) used in these bottles contain carcinogenic substances (or DEHA).
This bottle is safe to be used 1-2 times only, if You like to wear it longer, it shouldn't be more than a week and must be placed in a place away from the Sun.
Repeated washing habits can make a plastic lining is damaged and carcinogens thatmay enter the water we drink. Better buy special water bottles to be used over and over again, don't wear a plastic bottle.
2. Satay
If you are fond of eating satay, don't forget eating cucumber after it. Because whenwe eat Satay actually participated also the carbon from burning charcoal results that can lead to cancer and lead to cells in the brain do not develop and ultimately can make you hard to concentrate.
For that we've got the cure that is recommended to eat cucumber after eating Satay. Because of the sate have carcinogens (cancer-causing) but turns out to have cucumber anti Carcinogen. So again don't forget eating cucumber after eating Satay.
3. Shrimp and Vitamin C
Don't eat the shrimp after you eat Vitamin C as this will cause poisoning from toxicArsenic (As) which is a process of reaction of shrimp and Vitamin C in the body andresult in the
fatal poisoning in a matter of hours.
Shrimp and consume Vitamin C at the same time may result in the Brain become stimulus sel2 easily distracted, ultimately may lead to ignorance and IQ being down.
4. Instant Noodles
For fans of instant noodle, make sure you have an interval of at least three (3) days after You consume the instant noodle, if you are going to take it anymore. Of medical information, it turns out there are candles lining the instant noodles. That is why instant noodles from sticking to one another when cooked. The consumption of instant noodles every day will increase the likelihood of someone infected with cancer.
Someone, being so busy in their careers did not have any more time to Cook, so decided to consuming instant noodles every day. Finally she had cancer.
5. Danger behind the food packaging
Food packaging is part of our daily food consumption. For most people, food packaging and food wrap simply tend to be regarded as a "protector" of food. Actually, not exactly so, depending on the type of packaging materials.
We recommend careful hereafter you have food packaging. The packaging on the food health, functions, ease of preservation, made, promotions, and information. There are so many materials used as primary food packaging, i.e. packaging that is in direct contact with food. But not all of this material is safe for food be labeled with.
6. Coffee
Drinking coffee in excess is also not good for the brain, the scientists recommend drinking coffee only a maximum of 3 glass cups per day, and even then the cups are small.
* In terms of habits:
7. no breakfast
Many people underestimate the breakfast, but do not consume anything in the morning caused the decline of the sugar levels in the blood. This resulted in a lack of input of nutrients to the brain which eventually ended in the decline of the brain.
8. Overeating
Eating too much hardened vessels of the brain that usually leads people in decliningmental powers. So eat in a normal portion, familiarize yourself with how to stop eating before you're stuffed.
9. Smoke
This is why the Jewish nation (nation known for genius) though not smoking a cigarette producers come from the Jews, because the Jewish people know if smoking canmake a person and his heirs become dumb and witless.
If smoking has a myriad of bad effects, everyone would already know. And there is one more bad effects of cigarettes that unfolds here, it turns out that cigarette smoking leads to terrible on the brain! Imagine, the human brain can gradually shrink andend up losing its functions due to diligent suck it smoky. No doubt in old time even when still young though, smokers are prone to alzheimer (alzheimer's is a disease ofsenile).
10. consuming too much sugar
Too much sugar intake will prevent the absorption of protein and nutrients so that the body malnutrition and disrupted brain development.
11. Air pollution
The brain is the part of the body that are most heavily pervade the air. Too long in the environment by polluting air makes the brain works inefficiently.
12. Lack of sleep
Sleep allows the brain to rest. Often neglect to sleep making cells o
Well, that last 7 simple tips for maintaining brain health. If we are to meet the needs of nutrition or use it for good and optimum health, then our brains would stay awake until the old.
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Causes of Brain damaged and easy Tips Keep Your brain health

Causes of Brain damaged and easy Tips Keep Your brain health

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