Dangers and uses glucose


Dangers and uses glucose - Glucose is commonly known as sugar. This is a complex carbohydrate which is used by humans, animals and plants as an energy source. It is present in many foods, including sweets, pasta, bread and potatoes. Glucose has a variety of uses, but there are some potential hazards to be aware too.

Dangers and uses glucose

Dangers and uses glucose

Dangers and uses glucose


Many foods contain glucose, which is used by the muscles, the brain and other body organs. Sugars in food are broken down in the stomach and distributed throughout the body via the bloodstream, where it supplies power to the body. Although glucose is required to power the human body, the erratic glucose levels can cause a myriad of health problems.

Plants and glucose

Glucose is found in plant saps. It is stored in plants in the form of starch, and is used by the plant at the cellular level for the development of leaves, roots and stems. In plants, glucose is first formed in the leaves, and is then transported to the seeds and roots, where it is stored until the plant needs.

diabetic emergency

For people suffering from hypoglycemia, intravenous glucose is used to stabilize sugar levels in their body. In a report for the site "Best results: best subjects of evidence," says Russell Boyd as intravenous glucose provides a quick and reliable method delivering glucose needed for circulation in diabetic emergencies (see References 2).

The Sweetest Poison

In an article in Global Healing Center (see Resources 1), glucose is defined as "the sweet poison of all." According to Dr William Coda, in his study of foods that can be potentially harmful, 1957, the glucose is a hydrate of pure carbon, stripped of all the vitamins and minerals. ingestion of large doses of glucose over time has the potential to poison the body and affect overall health. large amounts of sugar or pure glucose depletes the body valuable protein, vitamins and minerals, and overload of the body's detoxification system.

Explosive sweet

Glucose or dry powder is used in food plants around the world --- and is highly combustible. Finely dispersed particles may become explosive when exposed to air, and plants with this substance must be diligent in preventing glucose dust from collecting. Glucose powder is highly flammable and should be kept away from flames and areas where electrical sparks are open possible.

Dangers and uses glucose