Definition of Kidney What Is Kidney


Definition of Kidney What Is Kidney - Definition of Kidney

Definition of Kidney

What Is Kidney?


The kidneys are two organs located in the posterior part of the abdomen to the lumbar regions, performing a great many functions in the body. Although it is possible to live normally following the removal of a kidney, however, those bodies provide essential functions such as eliminating toxic waste after filtration of blood, which will be removed in the urine.

After his stint at the nephron, allowing structural unit of the kidney that filter blood, the primary urine that results will then circulate in various ducts permeable to different substances, and under the influence of hormones and composition primary urine, reabsorption of water and other molecules will be possible to generate urine proper, which will then be released into the ureter, the bladder conduit joining.

The kidneys also possible to regulate water balance, the water content of the body and many other molecules of the body, and secrete hormones necessary especially to regulate blood pressure and stimulate the production of red blood cells by the bone marrow.


Definition of Kidney

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