Detoxify the nicotine


Detoxify the nicotine - Detoxification nicotine is difficult, but the good news is that nicotine usually leaves the body within a week. Nicotine is an addictive alkaloid found naturally in the tobacco plant which is highly toxic in high doses. Detoxifying nicotine is one way your body will begin to heal once you have made the wise decision to become a nonsmoker.

Detoxify the nicotine

Eat a balanced diet

The detoxification process will go much more smoothly if you eat a balanced diet of healthy foods. You can reward yourself with all sorts of treats or allow your diet to go a little nuts while you quit smoking, but this will just prolong the detoxification process. A diet rich in antioxidants, and yes, it's fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains, provide healing nutrients in your body. These foods are also rich in fiber. Your body's elimination system will be working overtime as it begins to flush out the nicotine and other chemicals you ingested by smoking. The increase in fiber will help your work tract more efficiently, and antioxidants will bring some relief to the kidneys and liver, which filters all the nicotine from your bloodstream.

Drink a lot of water

Increase your clean, fresh water consumption will also help your system to heal and detoxification of nicotine. Keeping well hydrated will help your work more effective removal system. But do not overdo it with water ,. As with anything else, moderation is important. It can be dangerous to drink too much water; two liters a day should be the maximum

Breathe deeply

You can help remove the residue of nicotine in your lungs much faster if you get physically active and do not forget to breathe deeply. Get a good cardiovascular workout will help your lungs expand and loosen the toxic buildup that has been stored in your bronchial tubes. Even if you can not manage a walk around the block, try to focus on deep breathing. Any help you can give your body get rid of nicotine will help relieve withdrawal symptoms considerably. You will also find that your lungs start to heal, that taking those walks or short jogging become easier and much more enjoyable.

About cures

Just a word on diets which claim to strip your body of all waste and chemicals through the use of certain products or extreme elimination diets. Quitting smoking is hard on the body and mind, but it's one thing to love and healing to do for yourself. Your body will appreciate kindness, no more stress by fasting or liquid diet alone. If you are considering such a plan as a way to detox faster nicotine, please consult your doctor before starting. Nicotine leaves the body fairly quickly, and a balanced diet will help support your body as it removes safely and effectively this toxic chemical in your system.

Detoxify the nicotine

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