Easy Ways to Avoid Illness Spine


Easy Ways to Avoid Illness Spine - What to do to avoid the disease of the spine? The spine is one part of our body which is very vital. Therefore maintaining spinal health is also very important that we avoid the disease of the spine.

Below are six tips for you to avoid the choice of spinal diseases.

Easy Ways to Avoid Illness Spine


How to sit properly and the correct sitting position plays a major role in your efforts to avoid back pain. Use hard chair and place your spine in a straight line on the back of the chair. Try to one or both of your knees higher than your hips.

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In an average day and night people sleep about 8 hours. Did you know that sleep properly can also prevent you from pain in the spine? All you have to do is use the mattress is not too soft (rather loud). Do not sleep on your stomach. If your bed tilted position, bend your legs at the knees and hips.


Are you including frequent activity you stand? If yes, stand with your back straight bottom. If you stand for long periods of time, use a footrest, do not wear flat shoes. Standing right way will help you to avoid the disease of the spine.


This is the correct way of lifting in order to avoid back pain. Bend your hips and knees, and not bending your back. Keep the items that will be brought close to your body. Do not lift heavy items above your waist.

Driving a car PROPERLY

Use hard chairs. Sit in a good position and a sufficient distance so that your feet can reach the pedals of your car with ease.


After recovering from an illness, exercise-sport was a regular basis so that the muscles are not stiff. But warm up (warming up) and relax before doing weight training.

Those are some tips that might be useful for us all avoid the disease of the spine. Congratulations practice!

That was Easy Ways to Avoid Illness Spine

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