For healthy gums: licorice, Echinacea and cranberry


For healthy gums: licorice, Echinacea and cranberry - There has been much occupied to prevent caries, periodontitis least, this inflammation of the gums. An unfortunate oversight, according to Dr. Lorrain.

For healthy gums: licorice, Echinacea and cranberry

Is there a herbal gums?

In strength, we take full teeth. And sometimes it bleeds. Not talking about the stress of life, but these painful gums redden the toothbrush and eventually withdraw. The carnivorous smile disappears. The incisive rickety, you dread expensive implant or the infamous rack. How to deal with, day by day, these dental déchaussements that impact your health and do not augur a fulfilling teeth.
The doctor's solution Feetow

From the outset, remember the formula for this compounding: licorice-echinacea-cranberry. Used in mouthwashes and using proper brushing, plus the use of essential interdental brush this mixture is astounding simplicity and efficiency. Why must use it very early in life? Understand the issues.
Dentists speak of periodontitis. This is the periodontal inflammation, that is to say, the dental organ supporting tissues: gingiva, cementum, the periodontal ligament and alveolar bone. It first leads to gingivitis. Inflammation is often associated with bleeding. Plaque accumulated on the base of the teeth remains the leading cause of periodontal disease. But domestic factors are also involved: metabolic and immune disorders, allergies, smoking, poor diet, poorly managed stress, hormonal changes.


Over time, the tooth-supporting bone lost height, and it appears longer. This loosening indicates it is time to consult. Worry also abnormal mobility, which can lead to tooth loss. You alarmed the appearance of "black holes" between the teeth. Do not overlook dentin hypersensitivity to the base of the teeth (the collar).
Good teeth, good health pledge

Dental hygiene is learned in childhood. If health education has helped reduce tooth decay, it has long targeted more than the tooth Periodontal. Now it is the visible reflection of our health. It marks the vitality of supporting connective tissue present throughout the body and responsible for protecting organs. Periodontitis disrupts the immune system and promotes general diseases such as cardiovascular diseases. Clearly, our good health is displayed through our teeth.
We must first tackle to stop smoking and certain medications that dry mouth (anxiolytics). Similarly, improve stress management is essential. Consider herbal medicine for use in first-line. In addition, it is necessary to restore the condition of the immune system, which determines the scope and course of gingival inflammation. Do it with Echinacea-currant mixture of equal parts at a rate of 5 ml per day to swallow with water five days a week for three months. On a plot of demineralization or malnutrition, can be added horsetail and move to 10 ml per day, five days a week.
As for the preparation licorice-echinacea-cranberry (EPS licorice / echinacea / cranberry à qs 150 ml obtained from your pharmacist), its local efficiency is due to the antibacterial properties of cranberries (in the form of totum) and powerful licorice. Echinacea is well and stimulates local immunity. Precede the use of the mixture by the use of a specialized type Parodontax® toothpaste. Brush well with the gum to the tooth (pink to white). Dip the brush into the mixture and do not forget any interdental space. When the disease is raging, do it carefully before three main meals for a very long time. The results will surprise your dentist and you will avoid more complex care. Over time, keep at least a daily application after the evening meal. This is a minimum.
After a certain age, the passage of the little mouse loses its charm. The tooth fairy is you. Provided you know the magic formula and use.

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