How to relieve back pain using physical therapy


How to relieve back pain using physical therapy - Back pain is a common affliction for many. Caused by a muscle or ligament injury, back pain can be corrected by physical therapy. Physical therapy may be essential to release chronic pain and relieve uncomfortable symptoms. Simple adjustments can significantly improve the outcome of many who suffer from back pain. Treatment costs vary with injuries, but are limited in most cases. Follow these steps to learn more.

How to relieve back pain using physical therapy

Use Leg lifts to relieve back pain

• Start by lying flat on your back.

• Lift one leg off the floor 2 feet and keep stable in air.

• Stay in this position for 10 seconds.

• Relax the position. Repeat with the other leg.

• Repeat the exercise 5 more times at least 3 to 4 times daily, as comfort allows.

Follow tips to prevent back pain

• Wear flat shoes with firm support of the arch. greater than 3/4 inch heels can increase the pain in the lower back.

• Be aware that the cause of many back injury is the result of improper lifting. When lifting objects using your back muscles rather than your leg muscles, injury is likely to occur.

• Bring back straps support before performing heavy mobile or lifting. Back supports are generally inexpensive.

• Turn off those extra kilos. Adults who are over 10 kilos too exacerbate against pressure. Losing weight will relieve stress on the back muscles. Moderate exercise at least 3 times a week and a good diet can eliminate excess weight.

• Go to the "American Physical Association" website to find more tips on physical therapy for back pain (see Resources below).

ergonomics research

• Organize your workstation to maximize ergonomics. Make sure your feet are flat and firmly on the ground. If they do not, buy a foot rest angle that can provide good positioning.

• Place your computer screen, even with the eye. Fatigue incorrect neck irritates the painful conditions that may already be present in the spine.

• Consider buying a keyboard and ergonomic office chair if you experience back pain due to sit at a workstation. Ergonomic keyboards are moderately priced.

Tips & Warnings

  1. Expect a transition period to learn how to use ergonomic equipment. Not only will you have to retrain your habits, but you can also find them uncomfortable positions early.
  2. Physical therapy is not considered a good treatment in emergency situations. Use good judgment and exercise to interrupt if you feel a sharp pain in the back.

How to relieve back pain using physical therapy

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