How to use mustard oil to treat back pain


How to use mustard oil to treat back pain - Mustard oil is a liniment which can be used to treat back pain naturally. The oil is a natural rubefacient, which means that it can increase the blood flow rate on the surface of the skin. Flow revitalized may facilitate healing.

How to use mustard oil for treating back pain

• Find a reliable source for mustard oil as a health food store that has a wide variety of herbs and herbal supplements. In the US, mustard oil can be sold for external use because of its relative toxicity.

• Use topical mustard oil, focusing on areas where your back pain is the most serious. Apply a small amount along the spine, working from the neck to the tip of the coccyx.

• Leave mustard oil to be completely absorbed by the skin. You may feel some discomfort, such as itching or burning sensations, but these are the natural results of the anti-inflammatory properties of mustard oil.

• Mix with garlic cloves, mustard oil for a home remedy even more effective for the treatment of back pain. Roast October-December garlic cloves with 3-4 tablespoons. oil until the cloves are golden. Cool oil, then apply it on the affected areas.

• Avoid bathing for at least 3 hours after application of the oil, and then try to limit the use of soaps and lotions. Soap and hot water can easily remove skin oil before it has a chance to work.

• Continue applying mustard oil once a day for 2 weeks. If you do not experience a significant reduction in back pain, consult your doctor immediately. Back pain can be a symptom of a medical condition far more serious, such as arthritis or kidney disease.

• Use mustard oil for a variety of reasons other than to treat back pain. Mustard oil can also be used as a conditioning agent to the skin and to improve blood circulation and muscle development. Mustard oil is also an effective antibacterial agent.

How to use mustard oil to treat back pain

How to use mustard oil to treat back pain

Tips & Warnings

  1. Since the application of mustard oil to the surface of the skin may cause redness, itching or discomfort, keep a cold washcloth nearby to treat these symptoms.
  2. Do not consume your treatment. Because of the high erucic acid, which focuses when the mustard seeds are compressed, mustard oil is inedible.

How to use mustard oil to treat back pain