How to use Neuro Linguistic Programming to treat phobias


How to use Neuro Linguistic Programming to treat phobias - Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP, is one of over 40 system to eliminate the so-called negative thoughts and habits and improve their professional and social life. While some practitioners make exaggerated claims about its effectiveness, many people say they have conquered traumatic experiences and phobias with NLP, often in a short period of time. Various methods are used to achieve these results, but rely heavily on visualization and sensory images.

How to use Neuro Linguistic Programming to treat phobias

Facts about Neuro Linguistic Programming

• Visit a website or read a book that explains what NLP is all about. A good summary can be found at the variation It Right Now Web site (see Resources below).

• Refine your search on the methods of NLP experts specifically used to treat phobias, as the press phobia, anchoring and therapy of the timeline. Watch a video of a real time online therapy session on TimeLineTherapy Web site (see Resources below).

• Note or print relevant facts, and questions you might have about the process, and save the lists for future reference.

Find a Practitioner NLP local

• Look for a practitioner of NLP in your area with a recommendation from a friend, a phone book or online directory, such as NLP Practitioners Directory (see Resources below) .

• Contact one or more of the names you find.

• Prepare your questions, including queries about this treatment uses the person, the time required for treatment and cost.

• Make an appointment.

Prepare for your session

• Prepare for your appointment by doing some research on the method of your therapist will use.

• Look at case studies to find out what happens in a session. Note especially that kind of guided imagery may be involved.

• Actively participate in your therapy session. Good results with NLP are only possible with your full cooperation.

Tips & Warnings

  1. If you are not familiar with NLP, look for someone who has put his ideas to use to treat a problem. What difference is it done? Are the enduring differences?
  2. While some practices of NLP can be self-applied, the phobia of remedies should only be attempted with the advice of a professional certified neuro linguistic programming. Expect these services at a moderate price, unless you visit a "celebrity" NLP practitioner.
  3. Scientific research has not established the long-term effectiveness of NLP therapy for eliminating phobias.
  4. To treat severe debilitating phobias, or disorders such as depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder, consult a doctor.
  5. Before beginning any technical alternative medicine, know that many have not been scientifically evaluated.
  6. Often, only limited information is available on their safety and effectiveness. Each state and each discipline has its own rules about how alternative medicine practitioners can be professionally accredited. If you decide to visit one, choose one licensed by a recognized national body. See your primary care provider about your decision first. Keep your doctor informed of the alternative medical technique you undertake.

How to use Neuro Linguistic Programming to treat phobias

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