How to use physical therapy to recover from surgery


How to use physical therapy to recover from surgery - Thanks to physical therapy to help with recovery from surgery can reduce pain and increase healing time. In fact, patients using physical therapy in case of postoperative knee surgery often reduce healing time of 6 to 8 weeks. Follow these steps to learn how physical therapy plays a vital and important role in rehabilitation.

How to use physical therapy to recover from surgery

Understanding physical therapy:

• Be aware that physical therapy is a comprehensive program following an injury or surgery to a joint - whether it be muscle, ligament or tendon repair. This program includes exercises, resistance techniques, ice or heat, and occasionally the use of supplements.

• Use physical therapy to improve blood circulation and flexibility of the affected area. Research has shown that increased blood flow helps improve post-surgical scarring.

• Go to physical therapy to strengthen the muscle or repaired. Focus on condition the post-operative area to increase strength and mobility.

Recovering from a variety of surgeries with physical therapy

• Focus on the main goal of physical therapy after arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder, which is primarily to improve flexibility.

• Use stretching exercises to recover not only the flexibility of the knee joint affected after arthroscopic knee surgery, but also to improve the knee joint affected for increased stability.

• Focus on adding resistance exercises to increase muscle strength through physical therapy.

Find additional pain relief that you recover from surgery

• Use ice wraps and braces around the physical therapy program to help control swelling and pain after surgery.

• Ask your doctor about prescription medications if you find intolerable pain. Immediately after surgery, you may find this to be a good short-term solution for the effective management of pain.

• Consider the use of acupuncture as an alternative to chemical pain. Acupuncture has been effective in Western medicine as an option for pain relief.

• Go to the "American Physical Therapy Association" website to find more information about the recovery from surgery (see Resources below).

Tips & Warnings

  1. You should contact your doctor any concerns about your health, treatment or care, to help set realistic expectations and goals.
  2. Discontinue treatment if you feel increased pain during physical therapy to avoid damaging injury recovery.
  3. Do not treat medical emergencies with physiotherapy techniques. Asking for help in an emergency room for vomiting, dizziness or shortness of breath.

How to use physical therapy to recover from surgery

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