Jobs with a chemistry degree


Jobs with a chemistry degree - chemistry majors develop many skills throughout their education. They are able to identify chemical compounds and interactions that these compounds would be. They acquire laboratory research skills as well as how to document and explain clearly their research. With this chemistry graduate skills can have a job in industry, academia, government or another region, not traditional.

Jobs with a chemistry degree


The Committee of the American Chemical Society Young chemists, 60 percent of chemistry majors end up with a job in the industry. Industry chemists work to develop new products for private companies. They can work as a research, development or production pharmacist. More specifically, they may be known as food scientists, medical researchers, or even flavor experts - those who develop chemical compounds that taste of food and beverages. People in these professions help develop innovative new products, medicine, machinery, and the same process to create things.


Some chemistry graduates choose to use their knowledge to teach others chemistry. They can find employment as school teachers who teach basic science classes, or as professors and lecturers at the university level. University professors often serve as researchers for academic programs and projects. They have to balance teaching and research, which can often be difficult as competition for these types of positions are high. Some chemistry graduates can find their way to the academic world by becoming technologists or laboratory instrumentation specialists - who are responsible for managing and technology used by university research programs.


Chemistry graduates can find employment in many different government departments such as the National Bureau of Standards, the National Institutes of Health, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Defense, the Environmental Protection Agency , investigation Service for agricultural research or the Food and Drug Administration. In these departments chemistry majors may be cutting-edge research, product development, weapons development, testing, investigation or they can give advice on policy development.

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There are many other employment opportunities that require some knowledge of chemistry. Degree in chemistry can be used by a museum to help restore, preserve and authenticate some artifacts and works. A patent lawyer chemical should use both its substantive knowledge of chemistry and a law degree to determine whether something is worthy of a patent. chemistry graduates could also find work as dietitians - meal planning and educating others about nutrition, technical writers - writing and editing specific chemical literature, or pharmacists.

Jobs with a chemistry degree

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