Menu foods for Dosha Diet


Menu foods for Dosha Diet – In Ayurvedic medicine, the five elements are thought to be transformed by the digestive fire or agni in three different temperaments, or doshas. These include Vata, which is air and ether; kapha, or land and water; and pitta, which is fire. Different foods can be used to help calm and soothe the doshas, or increase and aggravate them. Some feel it is important to follow a specific diet for an individual dosha, so it can be balanced and harmonious.

Menu foods for Dosha Diet
Menu foods for Dosha Diet

Menu foods for Dosha Diet

Vata diet

According to herbalist and author Michael Tierra, vata, or air, personality tends to be hypersensitive, nervous, impatient and changeable. She is prone to cold, drought and neurological disorders. Fresh food, dry or rough that are bitter and astringent, like leafy vegetables, aggravate Vata. hot, humid and nutritious food are calming. Sugary, salty and bitter flavors are the best.

The majority of the diet should be sweet foods, including cooked vegetables, soft fruit, meat, hot dairy, and grains such as rice, wheat and oats. Raw vegetables, nuts and apples should be avoided. All except beans kidney beans and aduki should also be avoided.

Pitta diet

Pitta or fire predominant, individuals are quick to anger and can be aggressive or overbearing. According to the Earth, they have a tendency to inflammatory diseases, heat intolerance and infections. Warming, spicy, salty or acidic foods should be avoided in a pitta diet.

Cooling, sugary foods, bitter and astringent are useful to calm the fire. Good food pitta include sweet and bitter vegetables, sweet fruit, fresh water and fruit beverages, wheat, oats, rice and barley, and white meat like chicken or Turkey.

Kapha diet

Kapha or water predominant, types are predisposed to asthma, cold, coldness, arthritis, edema and digestive problems. They are often slow to respond. Foods that aggravate kapha include dairy products, fats, cold foods or substances that are sweet or savory. White rice, wheat products, seafood, beef, salt, and fruit or sweet vegetables should be avoided.

Spicy, bitter and astringent should be included in a kapha regime. Good choices are beans, leafy vegetables, chicken, turkey, eggs, hot tea and cereals such as rye, corn, millet, barley or buckwheat.

Menu foods for Dosha Diet

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