Sick aches? 4 ways to get rid of!


Sick aches? 4 ways to get rid of! - If you do some physical practice, and / or if you have just a resume, then you'll be dealing with the famous aches!

And if I tell you that you can minimize, if not suffer? Work his body is painful indeed, but it is above all a pleasure: the pleasure to move freely pleasure of a performance (and exceed his prowess), happy to feel better as you (because you doing the work and that sport is breathing) ... the pains are not a curse, and the intention is not really to get rid of: they are after all a positive sign that your body adapts to the efforts and reinforcing for the next tests that you give it.

That said, there may be too acute aches turn you off to make regular exercise, and it's a shame because it encourages you to flee the challenge when there is so much to gain. So it is good to learn to deal effectively aches to feel as soon as possible again plumb.

Sick aches? 4 ways to get rid of!

Here's how to proceed:

The main causes aches

One can cite many reasons but the most common is simply a lack of habit of exercising physically. This is especially true if you train after a day of work, or if you attempt a performance that requires efforts beyond your abilities.

This happens more frequently than we think: by trying to do too much, being too excited at the prospect of becoming muscular, the beginner is very often found on poorly performing the exercises and does not respect his rest time. Physical activity needs to learn a minimum, in addition to the importance of practicing regularly to strengthen the body. It needs to get used to, just like you when you learn a new skill or improve your lifestyle.

More than ever, physical activity is an intense process that requires patience and method. Stealing these principles can lead to pain sometimes extending over a week or injury.


First instinct? We drink water. Even if you are not thirsty, drink at least two to three sips every hour. Do not you gaverez well and enjoy the benefits.

There is no need to rant on the importance of water in your body. Unless you are hydrated, you will suffer more aches. Water is your fuel.

Preferably, take poor liquid nitrate and fluorine (less than 1, it is indicated on the label). You must be a logic of recovery: you reset your body's defenses to normal, because it has been turned upside down after exercise. When we train physically, the body changes and evolves: to get there, he must be pushed to produce superior results to those it is supposed to accomplish. His current limits are exceeded then, and it can produce new results, and longer lasting. Hence the development of muscle and strengthening the nervous system.

To support this process, feed you to the most convenient way possible. And if you have trouble you go to certain products such as cakes, cheese and bread, the least we can do is to hydrate enough.

Fronts stretching and after

Some advise to stretch before exercise, others after.

If you do not know where to turn, opt for the Prevention and Care: what body parts will you work? What moves are you running? Play them in slow and making sure to stretch whatever is necessary ...

... But also go for a quiet rhythm. If you are stretching with the desire to take a full minute while going toe look far on the small of your back ... you may be spending too much time on preparation and your muscles will need to recover further. And if you start right away to do push-ups or push-ups, there are risks that you are suffering quickly and prolong aches for the future.

To sum up, stretch strategic and measured way. Do not force before exercising. And after finishing the session, use stretches to relieve pain. During the days when you're not exercising, try to relieve the sensations in the shoulders and thighs. Better to spend ten minutes of stretching in the morning and ten minutes in the evening for a week ... rather than trying to exceed his personal best by stretching to the extreme before a session.

How? You do not know what stretch run? Those recommended by the Lafay method helped me. You can rely on the Youtube channel devoted to it.

Dare total rest

You have the sacred fire, you aspire to become a strong man, seductive, powerful ... have a perfect body, a solid career, a beautiful wife, a perfect social circle ...

But you are literally dismantled by your aches and not feel like doing anything.

What is happening ? Why do not you work to become a better version of yourself in all circumstances?

The answer is simple: the rest is just as important as the time you give all your efforts.

Rest is also a principle of success, whatever your desire and your project. If you refuse to release the pressure, you will not hold the cost nervously. This is one reason why many men do not sleep the night: they think all they want to do, what to do, and all they could do.

The more you let convince that taking breaks, naps and sleep is even against-productive ... more you kill yourself slowly. If you really aspire to become a strong person, you must learn to manage your energy and respect the rest time as working time.

aches are one of the best examples to understand this principle. Continue to push your body further pain, and you will become stronger. But if you persevere and ignore the warning signals inside you, you will end up hurting yourself, or you will lose the spirit to do physical activity.

If you want to get body aches, acknowledge that there are times when the best thing to do is to sit in a chair and read a good book for example.

In short, be understanding

Your body is your ally. If they suffer, do not judge. Do not judge. You and your body are partners, teammates. The more you are listening to, the more you will know when it is possible to push the limits ... and when to meet. It is in this way that you will strengthen you and find your balance in record time!

Sick aches? 4 ways to get rid of!

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