The characteristics of heart disease Prevention Plus

The characteristics of heart disease Prevention Plus – The heart is a very vital organ in the human body, although he did not rule out a role for other organs. In our body, the circulatory system is always working 24 hours to drain the blood throughout our body. In this case, the heart is one of the organs that play a role in blood flow throughout the body.

From the description above, we so know that once the importance of the role of the heart in our body. We cannot imagine, if the heart we are experiencing serious problems. So that blood circulation can be plagued by serious problems. For that reason, this time health tips will be bringing an article that is very beneficial for your heart-related. Health tips, the following characteristics of heart disease prevention plus:

The traits we can heart disease detection carefully. If you experience pain in the chest (chest like impaled), then sense pounding, often experiencing shortness of breath, tingling in some parts of the body in cold sweat out join on the body. This is an indication of the symptoms of heart trouble “.

The characteristics of heart disease Prevention Plus

Friends, health tips. In addition to the above symptoms, we also know that the name heart failure and coronary heart attacks. Symptoms when we are affected by heart failure i.e. the sufferer is usually affected by insomnia or sleeplessness at night of the day, your feet become swollen, tired quickly though with a light activity as well as symptoms such as shortness of breath on you. For symptoms of coronary artery disease, namely the occurrence of blockage in the veins especially in the arteries on the heart due to harden. So the blood circulation that supply blood to the heart are experiencing serious problems.
Friends, health tips, many business sekal we can do to prevent all of the above andmake your heart healthier and work optimally for your body. Here’s some how:

A very Balanced Diet helps keep your heart health.

In this case we should get used to consume a diverse food that has a rich nutrient content anyway. Vegetables such as spinach and avocado fruit and nuts good for your heart health. Spinach is a vegetable that is good for the heart. This is because the vegetable spinach contain lots of potassium in very high quantities as well as low sodium would be to maintain the health of your heart. For the avocado, fruit is very good to keep kesesehatan your heart. This is because the avocado fruit, many contain potassium and fiber type 7 contain vitamins are very good for your heart, namely vitamin e. To nuts, there are two types namely cashew nuts as well as the almone. Two types of these foods contain omega 3 which is very good for the health of your heart.

The importance of maintaining an Ideal body weight.

The ideal weight is also very needed to maintain the health of your heart. To find out if your ideal weight, you cancount them easily. High Yaiut bada you minus 100 then multiply 90 percent, then you will have an ideal body weight should be. Example your height then: 173 (173-100) * 90% = 66.7 kg.
The characteristics of heart disease Prevention Plus
The characteristics of heart disease Prevention Plus
The characteristics of heart disease Prevention Plus. Read (how acai benefits the body)

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