The cigarette of the effect on the lungs


The cigarette of the effect on the lungs - It has become a well known fact that cigarettes are bad for us, but many people do not understand the details of the damage they do. Although the chemicals in tobacco combustion affect everything from the throat to the skin, the attack of cigarettes on the body revolves around the lungs.

The cigarette of the effect on the lungs


When a lit cigarette is inhaled, thousands of different chemicals into the lungs, including nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar. These toxins affect the lungs in a variety of ways.


The lungs are lined by a network of fibers called cilia, which inhaled air antibody band. Smoking slows both lashes down and destroyed, hindering primary lung cleaning mechanism.


The cells produce mucus in the middle of lashes, which transfers the dirt and other pathogens up the throat and out of the body. Smoking causes these cells to produce excessive amounts of mucus, which makes the smoker congested and prone to cough.

bronchial impact

Because cigarette smoke also affected the eyelashes, part of mucus remains in the lungs and airways, increasing the chances of smoking bronchial infection.


Smoking also damages lung tissue, damaging the elasticity of the body and subsequently its ability to contract and exhale the old. The smoker becomes unable to properly take in the fresh air and pushes short of breath, even at rest. This condition is called emphysema.


Chemicals in cigarettes have been shown to alter the cells, which makes cancer. Because the effects of cigarette smoke in the lungs first and foremost, smokers are much more susceptible to lung than non-smokers cancer.

The cigarette of the effect on the lungs

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