The Dangers Of Spicy Foods For Your Health

The Dangers Of Spicy Foods For Your Health  Danger Of Spicy Food. A variety of food can be enjoyed in our beloved homeland, Indonesia. From sabang to merauke. Everything was very tasty and a great fit with our tongues, of course. From the food made from spicy or not spicy. Then what is your favorite food gemari in the environment where you live ....??

The Dangers Of Spicy Foods For Your Health

Friends, health tips. For those of you who like spicy food should start from now, you reduce spicy foods. This is because, it turns out that eating food spicy taste is not very good for the health of your body. Health tips, the following 7 spicy food Hazards:

The Dangers Of Spicy Foods For Your Health

Danger To The Stomach.

Spicy foods resulted in damage to the wall of the stomach.This is because, the type of food that is spicy and sour combination of too much acid entered keperut, then cause damage to your stomach wall.

Causes Of Acute Gastritis.

Spicy foods resulted in an acute ulcer disease or Gastritis.The symptoms of gastritis that is like vomiting, nausea, diarrhea.

The Cause Of Peptic Ulcers.

Spicy foods result in disease or Gaster Ulcer peptic ulcers. Symptoms that Appear When you are exposed to these diseases namely stomachseemed to burn, the symptoms of nausea, vomiting.


Spicy foods cause exposed insomnia or difficulty sleeping at night. So you should not eat spicy foods at the time of the evening. Because of the istrihat you will not be comfortable.

Eliminate Appetite.

Spicy food will cause loss of appetite. So try to reduce the spicy taste of foods for your body's health.

Skinny Bodies Cause.

Spicy foods lead to weight you declined. So reduce or eliminate the customs of eating food that is spicy if you want somewhat chubby or thin crusts you.


Spicy foods cause headache attack of disease impact gastritis. Because too much consuming spicy food.
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