The remedies grandmothers against toothache


The remedies grandmothers against toothache - A cavity is the destruction of various tissues of the tooth. The infection initially attacks the enamel, the outer layer of the tooth. At this point, decay does not hurt. But then it progresses and reaches the dentin, yellow, softer and fragile tissue. The tooth becomes sensitive to hot, cold, sweet. The first reflex to adopt is to pick up the phone to make an appointment with your dentist.

The remedies grandmothers against toothache

Meanwhile, to ease your toothache, put a clove on the aching tooth. Lightly tighten the teeth to the nail stays in place, then the pain will disappear quickly. The clove consists of an essential oil found in the bud, so in what is called the nail. This oil will act as an anesthetic, it will numb your tooth and you will not hurt. It also has antiseptic and antispasmodic properties.

If the decay has reached its third stage, it affects the dental pulp and nerves, clove will calm the toothache. Please note that the disappearance of pain in any way correspond to a cure, we must consult.

Clove is very strong in taste. And if we can not even apply to the tooth, you can apply a cold wet compress on the cheek. The cold will dull the pain. And if you can stand a little taste of cloves, prepare mouthwash. To do this, heat 25 cl of boiling water. Immerse two cloves. Leave to infuse for a few minutes and filter. Once it has cooled, you can use this mouthwash at the onset of pain.

How to soothe the children's teeth?

It is often difficult or impossible to place a clove in the mouth of her child. The flavors are so strong that you have little chance to succeed. So you can give her a light massage on the cheek with a little essential oil diluted cloves in water. This will relieve.

However, be careful with the essential oils! Make sure their source before use especially with your children. The market is very controlled, and there is a bit of everything. You need to buy the essential oil with "pure and natural".

What remedies for infants at the push of milk teeth?

The first appearance of temporary teeth, four to ten months, often accompanied by pain that result in cries, insomnia, refusal to take the breast or bottle ... To calm the irritation and pain gum in a baby, we'll leave out the cloves and prefer marshmallow root stick.

Your child will suck under your supervision and it will relieve. Marshmallow root contains a plant substance that contains pectins whose effect is to reduce the inflammatory process and therefore ease the pain. These pectins are more release the tissue, which will favor the exit of the small teeth.

There is also a fashionable remedy for infants: the amber necklace. But attention to these amber necklaces. If they are fashionable and sometimes sold pharmacy, amber necklaces have nothing to do around the neck of your child. First, because there is a danger of strangulation, your baby can strangle the elastic collar. And there also, if the collar breaks, a risk of inhalation beads and thus choking. So many reasons why early childhood professionals strongly advise against their use. Feel free however to offer a teething ring to your child, he can chew, it will pacify.


The remedies grandmothers against toothache

How to prevent cavities in young children?

To prevent tooth decay in young children, there are the so-called baby bottle tooth decay. When a child falls asleep with mouth a bottle containing a sugary liquid, there is a risk of caries formation. Prolonged contact between the liquid and the surface of the teeth promotes the destruction of tooth enamel. And as the baby teeth are weaker than permanent teeth, so be careful.

In any case, any persistent dental pain should lead you to consult a dentist. Never forget that poorly treated tooth infection can have serious consequences for our entire organization.

The remedies grandmothers against toothache

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