The Way To Ease the pain


The Way To Ease the pain -The Way To Ease the pain

The Way To Ease the pain

Many possibilities exist to relieve pain:

Drugs that act directly on the pain;

Cancer treatments that act on the cause of the pain when it is due to the tumor;
Non-medical techniques, which complement the action of drugs by improving the physical and moral well-being;
Specialized medical techniques used when other treatments are not enough to relieve it.
These various means are often associated to comprehensively address the pain. They take into account its physical dimensions (its intensity, its cause, its mechanism of onset) and its emotional dimensions (anxiety, stress, mental, depressive feelings).

The treatment of pain is a "tailored" treatment of physician's choice in consultation with you.

The doctor offers medicines and techniques best suited to your situation and know the expected results. On your side, you may have a preference and opinion to give on how to use and the results you expect.

Treatment outcomes may be gradual. Some pains are more difficult to treat and eliminate others. It is not always possible to completely remove.

The Way To Ease the pain

The Way To Ease the pain

The goal of treatment is to make the pain bearable everyday, so it affects the least possible quality of life. If treatment does not relieve you enough or if you do not stand much (too significant side effects), report it without delay to your doctor. It will assist you and find you with more satisfactory solutions.

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