Tips Of The Hair Grow Well And Healthy


Tips Of The Hair Grow Well And Healthy? - Dreaming of a long hair? Have long hair, it is not so simple. To succeed and accelerate hair growth, there are a few little secrets.

Tips Of The Hair Grow Well And Healthy

Months that you do not cut your hair so that finally they reach the mid back length of your dreams for your eight years ... And yet, you see, they do not grow! In fact, they grow, but more slowly. The hair grows from the root, which grows under the scalp in the hair follicle. Is the blood which supplies the raw material which composes it is very important for an optimal hair shoot. When hair wear while they grow - which particularly comes to fine hair - the growth has slowed. The good reflex cut the tips to give pep to hair. However it is possible with some tricks to speed up hair growth.

The first reflex to adopt to grow her long hair is cut! So they grow back healthy, we ask her hairdresser a cut that will age well, to avoid moments of depression seeing her hair without form. To give the hair a beautiful material, it is a carefully root that will plump up and cleanse the scalp for better regrowth. You can bet for example on a clay treatment.

Our dear grandmothers also claimed that the best time to cut their hair and they quickly grow back was the full moon. Nothing has been proven its effectiveness, but try this trick can not hurt!

Tips Of The Hair Grow Well And Healthy

Tips Of The Hair Grow Well And Healthy


To speed up hair growth, we begin by adopting a proper diet. Indeed, some foods promote hair growth! This is the case of eggs, foods rich in mineral silica (bananas, beer, grapes and oats), green vegetables, oysters, sweet potatoes and beans, fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins C (lemons, broccoli, strawberries), foods rich in omega 3 such as fatty fish (salmon, anchovies, herring, sardines ...) and nuts and vegetable oil. In addition to accelerating the growth of your hair, these foods ensure their good health!

Other secrets promote hair growth: good hydration and good sleep are essential. It also builds on the scalp scrubs (yes, it exists!) Who assainiront the scalp and allow the hair out, coarse salt and a little oil will suffice. his scalp massaged regularly as to stimulate circulation and growth. For the more adventurous, it seems that doing a handstand is ideal to stimulate micro-circulation of the scalp!

Besides coconut milk cure, ideal for thickening, moisturizing and accelerate hair growth, you can test once or twice a week a grandmother recipe: a mask for easy homemade mix of oil olive an egg and spread on lengths and ends, avoiding the scalp not grease the hair. Allowed to stand 3 hours and rinsed. One can also indulge in the virtues of beer yeast for hair!


For long hair healthy and strong, it is essential to regularly cut the tips. As soon as they fray, cut to thicken and rebooster hair. Thus, they are beautiful and strong. We use and abuse of tonics shampoos with keratin for instance, or sheathing care to strengthen the material. Stylists recommend to finish rinsing the shampoo by a jet of cold water to stimulate circulation, promote healthier and grows fast and tighten the scales.

If you need to be patient to have long hair, you can have fun braiding our hair. Well groomed, they are protected from external aggression and drive safely ... if you do not overtighten the clip! You now hold all the keys to success and accelerate the growth of your hair, but be aware that each has its ideal length. For some, the maximum length of hair will be at center back while others may have the hair to the bottom of the kidneys

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Tips Of The Hair Grow Well And Healthy

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