Tips on overcoming the hiccups that plague

Tips on overcoming the hiccups that plague a few days ago, my friend experienced a hiccup, surely this is a reasonable thing, but hiccup is becoming somewhat unnatural when hiccup lasted in quite a long time, that time was almost a day he experienced a hiccup. Hiccups can be very very light, lost himself quickly, but can also be verydisturbing, moreover, for example, when we are presenting in front of the audienceand the sudden hiccup.
Tips on overcoming the hiccups I share because a few days ago my closest guy is experiencing unusual hiccups as usual, although only two days but seemed to be very disturbing activities.
Tips on overcoming the hiccups
Tips on overcoming the hiccups | Health Information

Tips on overcoming the hiccups that plague

What are hiccups?

Hiccups (Hiccups Thursday) occur due to sudden contraction that is not deliberate on the diaphragm, and generally occur over and over every minute of it.

What causes hiccups?

Hiccups are caused because suatau ranggsangan as we draw breath suddenly and quickly, so that a sudden air passing into the lungs causing the glottis (the space between the vocal cords) closed, so that the sound would cause '' hiiik '' at a time whenhiccup. medical term for hiccup is singultus. Hiccups are also usually caused by the condition of the stomach is full. Here are some of the factors that make the stomachfeel full.
Eating too much
eating too fast
Drinking too much alcohol
Swallowing too much air
· Sudden temperature changes in the stomach, like drinking hot drinks and then packed in a State of heat
The emotional state such as stress or excited

How long do hiccups over?

Hiccups usually stops within a few minutes or even hours. However, the hiccups that lasted more than 48 hours is called persistent hiccups Thursday or persistent hiccups. Hiccups lasting longer than a month called intractable hiccups or hiccups Thursday. Although very rare, hiccups can cause fatigue, lack of sleep, and weight loss. Hiccup that happened constantly is a harbinger of a more serious health problem and should be promptly sent to the doctor.

How do I treat/overcome hiccups?

  • Generally, hiccup lost itself in a few minutes or hours and does not require any treatment. However, when hiccup does not heal you can do something to address it, such as:
  • Drinking warm water up to the oral cavity filled, then bowing (ruku ' position) coverthe nose/hold breath. While standing upright thrash the water slowly with the noseremained closed.
  • Pull the breath in deeply and waste/capacity in the bag or paper covered for approximately 1 minute. Nose and mouth get into the bag, the intent is to hold and increase CO2 levels, as declining amount of CO2 in the blood can cause hiccups.
  • Sleep lying down with both lulut bent towards the belly. perform this technique over and over again until the hiccups are gone.
  • Sweep the ice to the Chin and drank a few drops of ice water. Strictly prohibited menelas ice cubes when hiccup, can any entry to the airway and may result in critical condition.
  • Adjust the breath and relax. Pull the breath in then remove slowly. Repeat until recent times. Technique could also breathe by inhaling air from one nostril and remove it from the other nostril. repeat interchangeably.
  • Put our fingers into the ceiling, then pijatlah with smooth, these ceilings. Another way is to put your tongue in between the lips and shut up.
  • Swallow rock sugar or a sugar spoon. Able to stop the hiccups in just a few minutes.Sugar is believed to stimulate the nerves of our muscles, especially when the muscles of the diaphragm start contracting in irregular
  • Massage the back of the ceiling with a cotton bud, which moved slowly forward andback for more or less one minute.
Tips on overcoming the hiccups that plague

Tips on overcoming the hiccups that plague

That's the Tips address the hiccups that try our auto summary from various sources,if it persists it doesn't hurt to consult a doctor. Hope this article is helpful, and. ..
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Tips on overcoming the hiccups that plague

Tips on overcoming the hiccups | Health Information