Tips On Preventing and Overcoming Cramps

Health Information | Muscle cramps, well this happens some times when I play futsal with my friends, this happened when everytime I play futsal without warming up and running instantly.
Muscle cramps occur due to loss of body fluids and salt due to sweat out. Cramps can usually be cured with stretching and kneading the muscle of developing. Crampsare muscle spasms in that cause pain and soreness. Ototsering seizures occur when we're sleeping, but can also be due to the heavy physical activity and do not do pemanasanterlebih first sebelummelakukan sports activities and when the cramps canbe silenced the fatal injury.
Causes of muscle cramps and handle it
Causes of muscle cramps and how to overcome it




1. The Cramps in the feet


The victim was helped up and his weight was arrested with the front part of the foot. After the first pass, ejang massage his feet.


2. Cramps in calves


The victim's knees straightened out, feet pressed firmly and steadily to the top leads to bone dry. Massage their muscles by pressing to give effect to calm the muscles.


3. Cramps in thighs


For cramps in the back part of the thigh, knee and lift her legs straightened out victims. For seizures on the front thigh, knees bent. On both thighs, massage their muscles strong-strong.
The way that we often see in the match was a medical squirt spray to the player thatsprawl because of cramps or injury. the spray was named chlor ethyl. Where the spray is useful for relieving pain/pain is local.
The easiest way to overcome cramps is by applying the section special pain relief ointment cramping muscles. This just brings significant changes to relieve pain due tocramps. With medicines the heater [SALVES, balms, or patch] useful to dilate the blood vessels so that blood flow is not interrupted due to the strength of the muscle spasm/cramp occurs on.



1. Bath or rendamlah the section terexplorasi when doing activities with warm water. Nice done after activity a day, each time before bed to relax the tense muscles all over.


2. Do perenggangan/cooling before bed, but avoid penegangan/straighten the tip toes while stretching or sleep and try to let your feet stay warm during sleep.


3. avoid doing exercise or strenuous activity suddenly, because muscles can lead tobeing surprised (cramps). Therefore, warm-up properly before exercising or doing other physical activities and do cooling after the finish. It will provide an opportunity for the muscle to adapt so that it does not cause cramping. It would be better if the warming is done every morning after waking up, by doing gymnastics.


4. Drink at least six glasses are full every day, including one glass before bedtime. Also expand drink before, during and after exercising.


5. The consumption of foods rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium. Eat one or two bananas a day is enough to meet the needs of your potassium.


6. Consume B Multivitamin and Vitamin E, Because muscles need these essentialvitamins-vitamins for repairing and rebuilding their cells and help prevent cramps. Dr Deed said, B vitamins proven to nerve function and can help control pain transmitted by nerves.


7. There is no harm in doing a stretch after making one continuous activity in some time. For example, after sitting continuously in front of a computer for 2 hours, were in the aircraft or vehicles that take a long time or walk long distances.


Hopefully the tips tips above can be rewarding for both you and the people around you, thanks TIPS ON PREVENTING AND OVERCOMING CRAMPS

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