USED TO ELIMINATE ACNE - After trying hard, acne may no longer attack you. But the problem is not over because of acne scars still attached. Acne scars are sometimes does cause people so insecure and unconfident.

How to remove scars, acne scars can jerawatMenghilangkan by way of traditional or modern. How to remove acne scars that are traditionally safe. Because, if we use a chemical-based acne removal can actually irritate the skin. Here are some ways to remove acne scars.



Method 1: Set up a piece of cassava (Java = boled). Peel and discard the skin. Wash with clean water and then shredded. Furthermore, the dairy to get water. Now, apply the water on your face milking existing acne scars. Do this every day for a week. The results are satisfactory, God willing.

Method 2: Take a few sticks of cinnamon bark. Mashed up into powder. Mix the powder with a little water or honey. Apply it on acne scars each night before bed. The next day, wash the face with lukewarm water. Do it for a week.

Method 3: Prepare 10 young leaves of lemongrass. Wash with clean water and mash until blended. Clean the face with lukewarm water and apply Sireh on the face, especially in the acne scars. Allow for about half an hour or until dry. Wash your face clean and dry cloth. Do it three times a week.

Method 4: In addition to dishes that can be made tasty and nutritious, pegaga leaves can also be used to remove acne scars on the face. The trick is to mengisar leaf powder pegaga with cool water. The dough Pupukkan in place a black mark acne scars on your face every day or every night before bed. Pegaga range and powder mixture cool it may be stored in crates cool with putting it in the bottle dry.

Method 5: Kisar cucumber and cucumber on a tapis airnya.Tampalkan hampas face scarred. Allow half an hour. Then wash the face with lukewarm water.

Method 6: Before the shower, stone usapkanlah banana skin (Java = klutuk) that is cooked on the skin. then allow about 10 minutes, as if you are being masked. then rinse with water stale tea, and a new bath, or the second way is to soften the old nut seeds, mixed with rose water. use as a powder every day.

How to remove acne scars is traditionally above Inshallah safe for healthy skin and will not cause the toxin and irritation on your skin. Hopefully with these tips your acne scars can disappear immediately.

Remember, once your acne scars disappear, always keep your skin health and avoid things that can cause acne to appear again. The trick, avoid foods that can cause acne, such as fatty foods, chocolate, and junk food. Change your lifestyle by consuming more water, vegetables and fresh fruit. Is not it futile effort you remove acne scars acne if one day it appeared again?