What causes bed bugs & How do you get rid of them?


What causes bed bugs & How do you get rid of them? - Bed bugs are suddenly becoming more of a problem in homes and hotels. Bed bugs are a small insect that is hidden in the crevices of beds and leaves bite humans during the night. They were mostly eradicated until recently. If you know what causes it, and more importantly, how to get rid of them, you can protect your home against infestation.

What causes bed bugs & How do you get rid of them?

Bed Bug Causes

There is debate what is really causing the bed bug resurgence, but there are several different issues that contribute to the epidemic. Bed bugs are becoming immune to many pesticides that exterminators use to try to kill them. overseas travel has also increased a reason for the increase of bedbugs infestations because they are more common abroad and are brought back by travelers. In your home or other space, birds, rodents or bats could spread bedbugs because they often carry. Contrary to popular belief, dirt does not cause bedbugs

Cleaning the infested room

Cleaning an infested room is a bit more complicated than it sounds. If a bed has been infested by bed bugs, you need to disassemble the bed and reduce the size of the room. Dismantling the furniture such as office that could crevices of wood or other hiding places bed bugs Vacuum everywhere for most insects and then use a remedy to kill bedbugs This can be a nontoxic spray bed bugs, diatomaceous earth, exposing the insects to high heat or the setting of your mattress outside in the sun.

Building sealing

Building sealing help with all kinds of parasites, but shop around and caulk up cracks in the building, replace damaged screens or windows, and do everything you can to get rid of birds and rodents that could nest in or around your house. Use non-toxic bed bug spray products around the boards in the infested room.

Why use non-toxic products?

When getting rid of bed bugs, it is important not to use insecticides because they will be used on a sleeping surface. Diatomaceous earth is fundamentally strong dirt that will reduce bugs but not to harm humans or animals. A diatomaceous earth is applied and left for a while, it can be vacuumed. There are also non-toxic sprays and powders that can be used. The extreme heat and sunlight can also kill bed bugs

What causes bed bugs & How do you get rid of them?

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