What to expect after a person stops smoking


What to expect after a person stops smoking - Quitting smoking is the same as going through detoxification for drug addiction. Your body becomes addicted to nicotine, a stimulant that affects the brain within 20 seconds of a cigarette. Dopamine is a chemical that is responsible for feelings of pleasure and nicotine causes dopamine to be released in the brain.
This effect becomes an endless cycle: You must keep smoking to experience pleasure, and in time, you need to smoke more to get the same level of pleasure.
When you quit smoking there are several withdrawal symptoms that you may experience, but there are also ways to help overcome.

What to expect after a person stops smoking

Psychological symptoms

Irritability is one of the effects of quitting. Your body depends on nicotine, and the elimination of nicotine causes your body to go into withdrawal. This withdrawal also affects your mental stability for a period of time. Inability to concentrate, insomnia, anxiety and lack of patience are also common psychological effects of quitting smoking and can be as difficult to overcome as the physical addiction itself.

physical symptoms

physical withdrawals are to be expected when you quit smoking, including headaches, nausea, congestion, cravings, fatigue and weight gain, but not everyone experiences the same symptoms. Typically, the first three days are the most difficult to manage.


Several types of treatments are available to help you overcome the psychological and physical symptoms withdrawal. Over-the-counter nicotine gum and patches may help you deal with the cravings that you learn to live without smoking. The patches and gum help you gradually reduce the nicotine in your system without the negative effects of smoking. You can also get prescription medication from your doctor.

What to expect after a person stops smoking

What to expect after a person stops smoking

Change in daily habits

Change your daily habits is the key to quit. For example, if you smoke first thing in the morning and then change your routine. Change your daily habits will help you quit associating with everything you do.

overcoming Cravings

When you feel the urge to smoke, it will only last for about three to five minutes, so you can get through it by doing something physical, such as exercise. Find a new hobby to occupy your mind and your hands. Physical activity will also prevent you from smoking negotiation to eat.


Many people fear to gain weight if they quit smoking, and it is a fact that you will start to have more cravings. So choose to eat fruits and vegetables instead of high-fat and sugary foods, and drink plenty of water, which will help to eliminate toxins from your system. You can also chew gum, but make sure you choose the variety without sugar, you do not want to replace a bad habit with another.


Look for all the support you can from family and friends, and when you meet withdrawals call someone until the cravings diminish. Spend time with other people who do not smoke. You can also get help through support groups. Do not give up. The more you can go the more likely you will succeed without tobacco.

What to expect after a person stops smoking

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