Yoga physical therapy


Yoga physical therapy Yoga and Yogatherapy - Yoga Yoga physical therapy

An ancient discipline from India, yoga is a method involving postures, breathing exercises, practiced synchronized way, relaxation and meditation. With a comprehensive and coherent approach, yoga acts on the different facets of the human being - physical, psychological, philosophical - and thus helps maintain health, develop personal resources, and access to a state of emotional healing and mental.

Yoga physical therapy

the Yogatherapy

The Yogatherapy is the specific use of yoga tools applied to the prevention and treatment of people suffering from diseases.

The Yogatherapy from the essential idea that the body is capable of self-regulation, and that many ailments are primarily associated with dysregulation of the body. Yoga helps to maintain a balance, and Yogatherapy aims to use these tools to build personal resources, and restore this natural balance, both physical and mental.

The Yogatherapy thus relies on the tools and experience of yoga, coupled with the current scientific and medical knowledge.

Thus, Yogatherapy is in no way a substitute to modern medical therapies, but is rather a complementary set of tools used in conjunction with medical treatment.

Yoga physical therapy

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