Children: 5 Tips for a balanced diet


Children: 5 Tips for a balanced diet – It’s back. Between the return to work and school, shopping for school supplies and enrollment in sports or music theory, time is short. feedstock in the resolutions quickly fall by the wayside. Here are five ways to concoct your children varied and balanced meals throughout the year. And I promise: you will not spend hours in the kitchen.

On vacation, we often take the time to do the market several times a week. It is more easily tempted by fresh and seasonal products. It is therefore proposed more regularly to their children fruits, including snack or dessert.

Children: 5 Tips for a balanced diet
Children: 5 Tips for a balanced diet

“In summer, the basket of candy or cakes is often replaced by a basket of fruit, says Beatrice de Reynal Nutritionist, author Truths that de-eat (Vuibert). I advise parents to keep this good habit throughout the year. They can also refrigerate bowls with pieces of apple or pineapple ready to eat. Children will be tempted if the fruits are within reach. ”

Try to book a half-hour or an hour every weekend to go to the nearest market to you. Why not make it a family outing?

> We continue to take breakfast

“One of the good habits generally acquired during the holidays is to have a good breakfast, says dietician Véronique Liégeois. It is a habit that needs to be maintained in September, although not always time since breakfast should provide 25% of our daily needs theory. ”

A vitamin breakfast
> The composition of breakfast

Three categories of food are essential: a fruit or fruit juice, proteins with a yogurt, cheese, a glass of milk or a slice of ham and finally complex carbohydrates, both of slices of bread butter and / or jam, brioche or pancakes.

“You really varied breakfasts and do not offer them the same every morning bowl of cereal, said Veronique Liegeois, author of A table and children A table teens (Flammarion). They will anyway burn what they ate in the morning and spending the day. So do not be worried if your child prefers a piece of brioche bread. ”

On Sunday morning, try taking your breakfast with the family around pastries or cakes. Prepare them the night before with your children, they will be even better.

> My child is not hungry in the morning: what to do?

All the experts will tell you if your toddler is not hungry in the morning, surely he has eaten too much the night before or has not slept enough. So try to alleviate some dinner and to ensure it has its hours of sleep.

If there is no improvement, give him a glass of juice at the foot of the bed This should stimulate appetite while preparing. It should therefore be hungry for his breakfast just before leaving school.

As a last resort, prepare a little snack to take away. “Do not systematize this practice prevents Veronique Liegeois. Opt for yogurt drinks, chocolate milk in a small bottle or compotes sold gourds. Avoid in all cases Industrial fatty and sugary cakes. ”

Good taste, what is it?
> The composition of taste

Take five minutes in the evening to prepare the taste of the day after your children. This will prevent them flock to the first package of cookies that comes to hand. On the menu: bread and chocolate, a cereal bar and a banana, fruit and a dairy … Again, vary the pleasures of a day to another.

> If your child does not eat in the canteen

In this case, we can expand a little snack with protein, including cheese or ham.

> After sport: snack or not?

“If your child practice that sport at school, no need to give it a more snack, advises Veronique Liegeois. By cons, if your child has intensively sports after school, increase the quantities of taste. ”

> And the teenagers?

“Do not be alarmed if your teen is eating a baguette with cheese 16h warns Béatrice de Reynal. Teens have a huge appetite. Provide them with healthy foods, but do not restrict. “Be careful though that your teen does not rob the fridge to 18h for dinner may fall by the wayside in favor of snacks during the evening. Better a 16h snack when hunger is less important.

Children: 5 Tips for a balanced diet

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