Health Tips for your family vacation


Health Tips for your family vacation – Thanks to good planning, traveling with kids can be fun and simple. All necessary planning you have to do depends on where you go, how you go there, you want to make, age and any special needs of your children.

Health Tips for your family vacation

Health Tips for your family vacation
Health Tips for your family vacation

Start with a checklist
It’s a good idea to have a pre-travel list. We have included several links that will help you to prepare a checklist that suits the needs of your family.

Prepare a consent letter if your child is not traveling with both parents
If your child traveling abroad with only one of two parent (if you have joint custody) or if he travels alone, you should prepare a consent letter before the trip. This letter will ensure the security guards that your child permission to 2 adults traveling.

Learn about your destination
Check the website of your government to date information to travel safely. Here are some websites for travelers:
travel Canada

France Diplomacy: Travel
Travel United States (available in English only)
Travel Abroad Great Britain (available in English only)

hot climates
If you go somewhere where it’s warm, you will need to bring a sunscreen to your child. For more information on how to avoid sunburn, visit our page, sun care for children. If you go on vacation in a place where it is extremely hot, summer safety visit our page: prevent heat stroke and heat exhaustion as well as our water safety page.

cold climates
For a winter destination, consider the extra clothes you need to bring order to be dressed warmly enough to withstand the cold. Also, make sure you are aware of the clinical signs and injuries caused by cold to avoid. Winter destinations are often synonymous with skiing, ice skates and wilderness.

infectious diseases and vaccines
Depending on your destination, your family might need to be vaccinated against infectious diseases in addition to routine vaccines. To determine if this is necessary for your trip, visit the official online guide to travel abroad from your government (advice and warnings by country).

If you travel to a developing country or in a country where you can contract tuberculosis or malaria, you should visit a travel health clinic for medical advice, medical insurance and vaccinations. Be sure to visit the travel health clinic 6-8 weeks before your trip in order to have enough time to get vaccinated and to vaccinate your children.
If your child has a fever for several days or even several weeks after your vacation, immediately notify your doctor of your trip. It may be that your child has contracted a disease during the journey and manifest symptoms only once back at home.

Travel insurance
If you and your family are traveling in another country, it is recommended to purchase additional health insurance if a family member is sick or injured. The Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) covers only very few medical expenses incurred outside Canada. If you’re out of the country for more than 212 days, contact the services of the Ontario Health Insurance Plan to confirm your health coverage during your period of absence and upon your return to Canada.

Bring a first aid kit for the most common diseases
It’s a good idea to prepare a small first aid kit containing bandages, medications such as Tylenol and other medicine that your family needs. It is recommended to bring a prescription from your doctor describing the medications you take.
Keep children safe and happy during the trip
Dr. Pat has good advice to explain the gantries to detect metal objects and excavations by palpation children.

Travel by car
Most children and parents are more familiar with the car trips. Right now, everyone should know that babies and children should be properly installed in a car seat. If you plan to rent a car, make sure you rent a car seat the right size for your child and that you know how to install it yourself.
If your children are prone to motion sickness, they can visit our interactive page on sickness to learn more.
Keep in mind the food safety tips
Food poisoning may very well ruin your vacation. Whether you eat outside or preparing your own meals, learn how to reduce the risk of foodborne illness.

Travel advice for children dependents with special needs
Disease should never stop your good family fun during the holidays. Here are some articles that might help:

Food Allergies and Travel
Diabetes and holiday
Epilepsy and Travel

Have fun!
No matter where you go and what you do, the holidays are a time for you and your family to have fun with his friends. Have a nice trip!

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