How to Fix and Raise Leptin Levels

How to Fix and Raise Leptin Levels
How to Fix and Raise Leptin Levels

How to Fix and Raise Leptin Levels – It’s oversimplifying only to talk about calories ingested and calories burned. If you really want to reduce your food cravings and take control of your appetite, you should increase your leptin levels, this is the hormone that tells you that you are satiated. Low leptin levels make you eat constantly while staying hungry. By making small dietary changes and lifestyle, it is possible to increase these levels in your body (if you are healthy).

How to Fix and Raise Leptin Levels

Part 1
Eating properly

1. Limit your intake of fructose. (How to Raise Leptin Levels)

It’s time to let science talk: fructose blocks the optimal function of your leptin receptors. [1] There are not thirty-six solutions. You may have amounts of leptin in your body, but it will not help you if it can not be identified and used. You should therefore remove the fructose, in this case the glucose syrup, to let your body act.
The main leaders here are industrial products. Fructose is often used as an inexpensive sweetener for sugary drinks, cupcakes and other sweet snacks that clog up many kitchen cupboards. The easiest way to reduce your intake is to make sure that what you eat has never been packaged industrially.

2. Say no to simple carbohydrates. (How to Raise Leptin Levels)

It’s time for us to do that, is not it? The reason is that simple carbohydrates (refined sugar and generally white) create insulin spikes, which in turn causes insulin resistance and disrupts the production of your leptin. Thus, white bread, white rice and all those delicious industrial pastries that seduce you must now appear on your red list.
If your diet contains carbohydrates, make sure they are of good quality: whole rolled oats, quinoa and a few whole pasta. The more brown the better the product is, which means that they have not removed essential nutrients or natural coloring during the manufacturing process.

3. Do not restrict your calories too severely. (How to Raise Leptin Levels)

Some people will tell you to remove virtually all carbohydrates. You can do it if you want, but make sure your body does not send you starvation signals. If you do not consume enough nutrients, your body will collapse and your hormones will no longer function normally. And to top it off, you will need an iron will because you will be horribly hungry. This is not a good start to losing weight.
Yes, weight loss is beneficial to the production of leptin. When you have a correct weight, your hormones adjust to the situation (if you are healthy, of course). If you are overweight or obese, it is good to start a diet – just make sure it is healthy, balanced and that you can follow it in the long run.

4. Give yourself a day of compensation if you are on a carbohydrate-free diet. (How to Raise Leptin Levels)

If you decide to take the plunge for an Atkins diet, raw or palaeolithic and you can not eat carbohydrates all along your itinerary, give yourself a day to compensate for this deficiency. The body needs carbohydrates to refuel and boost your metabolism. Expect to consume 100 to 150% of carbohydrates that day and then continue your diet as usual.
It also helps to motivate you. It’s almost impossible to stop eating pizza for the rest of your life, but if you know you can eat it on Saturday, it’s easier for you to give up on Wednesday. This is the reason why some people name this day of “cheating”!

5. Do not make yo-yo diets. (How to Raise Leptin Levels)

Really, do not do it. This will only disrupt your metabolism as well as your hormones to leave an indelible imprint. And you end up regaining the lost weight and also extra weight. Choose a diet that is supportable and healthy. Much research suggests that the chosen diet defines its success, your body can not afford to suffer from alternate famine bouts of gluttony. He just can not keep up.
Do not follow extreme diets with fluids while you’re at it. This will allow you to lose weight (at least initially), but this will not do any service to your leptin levels. You will be able to get rid of your toxins, but as soon as you stop drinking lemon juice and chili, the toxins will come back in force and take revenge for this deprivation.

Part 2
Eating adequate food

1. Have a high-protein breakfast. (How to Raise Leptin Levels)

This will raise your levels of leptin. Your body will fill up for the day and keep you fuller for longer. So drop the croissants (you will still be hungry after engulfing the fourth) and opt for eggs and lean meat. [3]
In the context of leptin levels, cereals have made a bad reputation. They are gorged with lectin, which blocks your leptin receptors and prevents it from fulfilling its function. It’s a bit like your roommate is in the bathroom, but never leaves.

2. Go for fish. (How to Raise Leptin Levels)

Omegas 3 fatty acids are excellent for increasing the sensitivity of your body to leptin and making it more receptive to this hormone. And these acids are also excellent for your heart and your cholesterol. So fill up with salmon, mackerel, herring and all these delights of the sea.
Meat from herbivorous cattle and chia seeds also contain omega 3. You should avoid omega 6 in poor quality vegetable oils, ordinary meat and some cereals. These products cause inflammation and globally reduce leptin levels. [4]

3. Eat lots of green vegetables, fruits and legumes. (How to Raise Leptin Levels)

Fruits and vegetables (especially spinach, green cabbage and broccoli) are full of nutrients and are low in calories, meaning you can eat a lot, you can be satiated quickly and do not worry about your waist . As leptin is related to weight control, you help the body with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and take care of your body by yourself.
The fibers are also excellent for leptin levels, largely because they satisfy you, and foods rich in fiber are usually natural and beneficial to you otherwise. Peas, lentils, almonds, raspberries, broccoli and oats are excellent sources of fiber.

4. Remove sweeteners and nibbles. (How to Raise Leptin Levels)

Sweeteners are just an artificial sweet taste you do not need. In reality, some people go so far as to suppress commercial soaps and deodorants so as not to let toxins enter their bodies. [6] How far will you go?
As for nibbling, the body can not regenerate if you nibble constantly. But if you’re craving a nibble and can not resist, opt for a fruit or a handful of dried fruits to curb your food cravings.

5. Go for foods high in zinc. (How to Raise Leptin Levels)

Studies have shown that people with leptin deficiencies are also deficient in zinc, and oddly enough, obese people have these deficiencies as well. [7] So you can fight this by filling up with spinach, beef, lamb, seafood, dried fruit, cocoa, white beans, mushrooms and pumpkins.

Part 3
Have an appropriate lifestyle

1. Relax. (How to Raise Leptin Levels)

When we are anxious and tense, our body increases its cortisol production. Cortisol will then disrupt the rest of our hormones, including leptin. If you have heard of overeating due to stress, you will understand the relationship of cause and effect. You would do well to relearn yourself to relax if you do not know how to do it. Your leptin levels depend on it!
Try yoga or meditation if this is not already part of your routine. These two disciplines have proven relaxing effects, leading to better sleep and lower cortisol levels. Do not dismiss them if you have not tried them.

2. Sleep well. (How to Raise Leptin Levels)

This flows from the source: sleep regulates your levels of leptin and ghrelin (the hormone that signals your body that you are hungry). If you do not get enough sleep, your body starts producing ghrelin and not leptin. So sleep early enough to have your eight hours of sleep.
For ease of use, turn off all electronic devices two hours before bedtime. Light tells the brain that it is important to stay awake, which prevents falling asleep. Cut off all light sources earlier and your brain will know it’s time to go to bed.

3. Do not take too much physical activity. (How to Raise Leptin Levels)

We never told you that? And yet, leptin is blocked if you practice a sport of endurance too thoroughly. Endurance increases cortisol levels, increases the damage caused by oxidants as well as inflammation, depresses the immune system and decreases metabolism of the fat. None of this is good for you! So do sports with moderation and regularity, because excess is bad in all things. [9]
It is good to do some endurance. Variable-intensity exercises or any physical activity with varying strength is really great for you. For our ancestors did not need to run for hours at a time and we do not need them either. If you’re looking for a fitness program, try jogging and indulge yourself. You do not need to make a whole cheese.

4. Be sure to move around a bit. (How to Raise Leptin Levels)

On the other hand, too sedentary a life is not a good thing for you. So, when you go to the gym, do a bit of stamina alternately (run for a minute, then walk for a minute, over a dozen cycles, for example) as well as some bodybuilding. You want to be healthy and in fairly good shape and not a filiform pantyhose.
Make it a point of honor to stay naturally active. Rather than forcing you to haunt a gym, hike, go to the pool or improvise a football game with your friends. Exercising does not have to be dismal, you know? In any case, this should not be the penal colony!

5. Consider taking a medication. (How to Raise Leptin Levels)

There are currently two kinds of drugs on the market that deal with leptin: the Symline and the Byetta. [10] For information, these drugs are actually on the market to fight type II diabetes, but leptin is concerned as well. If you think you have the profile for this treatment, talk to your doctor. He alone can tell you the right direction to take.
Your doctor can measure your leptin levels. If there is a problem at this level, he can see it right away. However, the first thing he will tell you is to change diet and lifestyle. There is no easy solution (such as medication) when it comes to hormonal regulation.

Advice: How to Fix and Raise Leptin Levels

  • Adopt a method that controls food portions.
  • It is important to increase leptin levels as this hormone plays an essential role in weight loss. The hormone regulates the appetite by blocking the overproduction of hormones promoting appetite. It is therefore a reducer of the natural appetite. Leptin also plays an important role in helping you maintain a harmonious body mass index and acts hand in hand with adiponectin to fight a metabolic syndrome.
  • Always consult your doctor before starting a fitness program.
  • See a doctor if you notice resistance to leptin. A person who weighs more than 150 kilos may suffer from leptin resistance, so you should see with your doctor if this is the case with you.
  • The most effective and safest dosage to increase leptin levels is only 250 mg per day via a variety of African mango, a method that remains to be verified.

How to Fix and Raise Leptin Levels

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