How to maximize the longevity of an artificial hip


How to maximize the longevity of an artificial hip – Hip have transformed the lives of many patients disabled by pain and restriction of an articulation of the damaged hip. Replacement of artificial hip allows a person to use a rewarding active lifestyle. However, certain precautions must be taken to ensure that your hip replacement has a long life. Read this article for helpful tips on how to maximize the longevity of your artificial hip!


How to maximize the longevity of an artificial hip

• Keep your weight under control – Carrying excess weight around puts increased emphasis on an artificial hip. Over time, this extra stress can cause early loosening or premature wear of an artificial hip replacement and significantly reduce its longevity. Arthroplasties hip last long in those of normal weight! Keeping your weight under control will help your artificial hip last as long as possible!

• Avoid high impact exercise – high-impact exercises including running, jumping, and competitive sports should be avoided by individuals with replacement of artificial hip. high impact activities put a tremendous amount of stress on an artificial hip and can significantly reduce the life of a replacement artificial hip. To reduce the artificial hip joint wear, carry only low-impact exercises.

• Keep your strong leg muscles – strong leg muscles help support and stabilize the artificial hip replacement. Each time you take a step, your muscles contract the leg and shoulder much of your body weight; your hips and knees assume the rest. The stronger your leg muscles, the less pressure is placed on your artificial hip! And contribute to your artificial hip last longer.

How to maximize the longevity of an artificial hip

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