How to reach 1000 subscribers on Instagram

How to reach 1000 subscribers on Instagram
How to reach 1000 subscribers on Instagram

How to reach 1000 subscribers on Instagram – You want to reach 1000 subscribers on Instagram? It is quite possible to have tons of subscribers, provided you know how to proceed. The first thing to do is to create an attractive account, with a theme and a well defined goal. Then start taking beautiful, interesting and funny pictures, then learn to label them appropriately. The last thing to do, and not least, is to learn some effective tricks in communication. The number of your subscribers will exceed your expectations! So start with step 1, to become “#Counta”

How to reach 1000 subscribers on Instagram

1. Start by loving photos.

One of the best ways to earn subscribers is to love as many photos as possible. Scroll through your own photos, up to those of your friends. With a bit of luck, those who do not follow you will start to love your shots in return.
Going through the “Explore” page, take a look at the most popular photos. Click “Like” for some, if not all, photos. They are not among the most popular clich├ęs, since they account for many subscribers. So, some of them may have to follow your photos.
Then search for photos of people, things or places that interest you by using relevant keywords. For example, if you want to see photos of the Eiffel Tower, type #paris, #latoureiffel or simply #eiffeltower. Love as many photos as possible.
The third option, reserved for those who want a lot of subscribers and quickly, is to search from the most popular tags, such as #followme, # like4like or #instadaily. Once done, scroll through the photos in the feed, then tap twice on the screen to enjoy it as you go.
Do this with many tags, until you have liked a hundred pictures. This method may seem extreme, however, by applying it every day, be sure to see the number of your subscribers increase rapidly. You are on track to reach the 1,000 subscribers.

2. Leave comments on the photos posted.

In addition to enjoying the photos, be sure to comment on them.
This brings a personal touch, especially as people, flattered by your pleasant comments, will be more inclined to follow you.
You will not be able to comment on all the photos you liked. However, try to leave small words as soon as possible. You do not have to write a novel, just say “beautiful picture! “Or” I like this photo “and it’s done!
However, a personalized comment can be much more effective. Try something like “I really like lighting this picture, beautiful work” or “Your hair is gorgeous. I wish mine were the same! Remember that flattery can open many doors for you.

3. Add comments, ask questions or invite more interaction on your own photos.

If Instagram is composed of 90% of photos, do not forget the power of the words. You will get the attention of your subscribers with subtitles that you add to your photos. These subtitles can take the form of comments, funny questions, intelligent and singular. This will allow other registrants to discover your photos and maybe follow you.
Briefly explain the content of your photo or talk about what inspired you when it was taken. Otherwise, you can simply indicate where the snapshot was made. Do as much as possible to summarize everything in two sentences, readers not liking too long texts.
Do not hesitate to ask questions. This will encourage other members to leave comments on your posts and will appeal to potential subscribers. This may be the picture of the new bar that opened in your neighborhood followed by the question “Has anyone tried it? “. Alternatively, you can post the picture of two pairs of shoes and ask your subscribers to choose the one you will wear today.
Thereafter, you can stimulate interaction on your posts. For example, if you post a picture of your cat in a funny posture, add a comment such as “Share the funniest pictures of your cats! Use the #chatdrole tag. This will encourage your subscribers to take pictures of their cat and use your tag.

How to reach 1000 subscribers on Instagram



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