How to solicit donations for a breast lift


How to solicit donations for a breast lift – Many women become self-conscious of their breasts after childbirth, weight gain or even weight loss. Breast lifts are a great way to regain the confidence – but unfortunately they often cost more than most women can afford. Believe it or not, solicit donations may be the answer.

How to solicit donations for a breast lift

• renowned plastic surgeons contact and enjoy free consultations they offer. Use these consultations to determine how much money you will need to get the surgery you desire. Visit at least three surgeons to get an accurate estimate and find a surgeon you feel comfortable with in the future.


• Once you have a financial goal in mind, go over your budget and find ways to save on your own. When you have an idea of how much money you can save realistically, you’ll be able to set a target of specific donations. Remember, people prefer to help those who help themselves. The people you request for donations will be more interested in helping you if they know you are actively working to save money for your surgery on your own.

• Establish a web home page, website or blog. You will use this piece of real estate on the Internet to tell people about your plans and share news gifts, and it will provide an easy way to donate money for you online. There are many free online payment processors you can use to receive gifts, including the Amazon Honor System. When setting up your web page, website or blog, make sure that all photos you post are family, as this will help to avoid trouble with some payment processors.

• After your Internet presence is established, start networking. Join breast lift surgery support groups, plastic surgery support groups and websites that support charities or Internet donations. Often participate. Become a valuable member of an online community that allows you to link to your site, blog or web page will help you get the support and momentum. The more people know about you and your breast lift-donation goal, your chances of achieving this goal.

• Spread the word to both online and off. Do not be afraid or ashamed to tell friends and family about your plans and goals. You will be surprised by the level of support you will receive from those who know your plans to have a breast lift.

Tips & Warnings

Be patient. Do not expect to reach a target of several thousand dollars in a few days. Place links to your website in all your online profile signatures.
Avoid posting explicit photos online to attract donations. When registering a domain name, always use privacy protection services. Do not give your name or real address online. Never meet someone you do not know to pick up a gift.

How to solicit donations for a breast lift

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