Recovery From an Episiotomy or Perineal Tear


Recovery From an Episiotomy or Perineal Tear – An episiotomy is sometimes necessary in order to deliver the baby you have waited so long to see. Due to the nature of this surgical incision, recovery may take some time. Keep pain and infection at bay and shorten your recovery time by doing what your doctor advises you. The sooner you heal, the sooner you can fully enjoy your new package.

Recovery From an Episiotomy or Perineal Tear

How to recover from an episiotomy

Recover from an episiotomy

• Be prepared for the possibility of a long convalescence. The amount of time it takes to heal an episiotomy varies from woman to woman. It can take up to two months to feel relief from pain. This will also depend on the depth or long the cut is.

• Control the swelling of the area with ice packs while you recover. This will also help to reduce the pain. At home, you can even use frozen pea bags.

Recovery From an Episiotomy or Perineal Tear
Recovery From an Episiotomy or Perineal Tear

• Know that bowel movements can be difficult and painful for the first few days. Do not force as this may affect the stitches and cause bleeding. Take an emollient to solve this problem.

• Be prepared, too, for the possibility of incontinence. This happens because the perineum, the muscle between the vagina and the anus, has been weakened. When you are fully healed, try to do the Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles.

• Wipe with the cleaning materials given by your doctor. Use this especially after each movement of urination and intestines. Also use antiseptic sprays you have received.

• Sit in a seat bath to relieve pain and discomfort. The water should be lukewarm and at a very low level.

• Avoid intercourse for at least six weeks, or until your doctor says it is OK to wait for your wound to heal properly to avoid complications.

• Refrain from lifting heavy stuff, as the strain could break the stitches and cause bleeding; Let someone else do it. Avoid vigorous activity too, for the same reason. Make a preference for slow and gentle movement.

• Keep your sixth week post-natal appointment with your doctor. In addition to your postnatal checkup, your doctor will want to check that you are healing well or that you are completely cured.

• Use support devices, such as a donut, for more sitting comfort that you recover. Sit in chairs that are easy to get out to minimize tensions.

Tips and Warnings

Contact your doctor immediately if you notice dripping from the vagina, increased bleeding or an unpleasant odor.

Recovery From an Episiotomy or Perineal Tear

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