How to repair broken hand spinner


How to repair broken hand spinner – Following our recent articles on the different models of hand spinner, we have received many questions about the problems and how to fix his hand spinner. Indeed, it is not always easy to understand where the fault and how to fix her fidget to find good turnaround time.

How to repair broken hand spinner

Common problems

The first problem that appears is usually linked to turnover. This can start making noises, which can be more or less severe grinding. Sometimes fidget begins to emit a high-pitched sound, or at regular intervals. If the spinner appears to play a pace that already provides an indication of the problem.

One can also experience problems related to the central button. This button is attached to the bearing. Some manage to break this component, usually by dropping the spinner. Indeed, it is often a plastic part and therefore somewhat fragile. Sometimes it gets stuck and it becomes difficult to remove without breaking it. Some buttons even begin to rub against the bearing during rotation, which stops the fidget instantly.

How to repair broken hand spinner
How to repair broken hand spinner

Bearing problems, base to repair his hand spinner

In short, the rotation of the object is linked to two components, the momentum generated by the movement of the finger and the bearing.

In terms of momentum, there is probably not much to repair in general. But improved technology can help better times. Caution, however, some users feel that their purpose continues to operate normally while it is dirty, but have greatly improved their technique, their time could be much longer.

However, when the spinner produces sound weird, it probably comes more central than rolling motion of the user.

Remember to check your tread is made of metal or ceramics, as this may give indications of problems, and especially on how to treat them.

The main reasons for slowing rotation of a hand spinner

Bearing dirty

Before continuing this section, we advise you to read our article ”  Introduction to bearings “. One of the main reasons a hand spinner noisy or vibrating the use is dust. Indeed, when the stock in his pocket, dust accumulates and sticks against the bearing balls. Two main reasons: The bearings are often type “open” (as opposed to waterproof) to facilitate cooling of the high rotational speeds. The bearings are oiled and dust stick to the oil. In this case, cleaning is necessary. Feel free to take a look at our article about fidget cleaning , you may be very useful if you are there.

In general, the ball bearings are filled with grease between the bearings. Then a piece of metal or rubber will block access. This protects the ball of dust bearings. In handspinner, the goal is to optimize the speed. For this, the fat and the protective part has been removed. This allows for better scores in excellent conditions, for example as part of a record. The default for this is that dust come to seep under the button, and it will regularly clean the spinner.

Bearing off

If the cleaning has not been successful is that the problem is deeper. It may not be possible to repair his hand spinner.

Ceramic bearings are more likely to break than metal. Indeed, although faster, ceramic bearings are harder and more brittle. It is possible to break a wheel bearing dropping his spinner. This is unlikely to arrive with a bearing metal. In the rolling of metal, the wheels themselves are unlikely to break, for against, the bearing housing which may crack or bend. If the bearing is twisted, it is extremely difficult to straighten, and spinner never reach its top speed. In this case, only one solution, change it!

Bearing rusty

This may seem surprising, but rust can appear very quickly in a bearing. A handspinner that falls into sea water will less than 30 minutes to rust if the problem is not treated quickly. When beginning to have rust in its bearing, it will remove it. Depending on the type of metal, rust does not look the same: It may have a yellow or orange appearance, but on a rolling fidget, it will surely be a slightly darker colored metal. We have a little technique to solve rust problems. Indeed, skateboarders are also facing this problem. There is no guarantee that it works, but it probably will keep rolling until a controlled happens:

  • Remove rusty bearing body spinner
  • Soak the bearing in vinegar for half an hour
  • Rinse working with alcohol (90 ° preferably 70 ° otherwise), and especially not water
  • Allow to air dry, or possibly use a hair dryer, which can give good results, because prevents the re-oxidation.
  • If you see an improvement, you can repeat the operation for a perfect finish.

What working order online?

A defect repair its bearing, it can be changed to repair his hand spinner. Nevertheless, all bearings are not identical. If you want to change your working, or it is not recoverable, it will check your measurements to order the right model.

If you do not want to measure your working, it is likely that your use fidget type bearings 608. In fact, they are used by a vast majority of manufacturers of spinners. Otherwise, you should find the model bearing written on the metal side protection of the bearing. Unfortunately, the majority of bearings, this piece was withdrawn by the manufacturer.

If you’re lucky, your spinner has 2 or 3 other bearings at the ends of branches. Most of the time, they have exactly the same size as the one in the center (but will not be of the same quality). If this is the case, you will find the dimensions from the number on the side of these bearings.

Otherwise, you will have no choice but to measure your tread. Using the image below, measure the distances.

measure its working to repair his hand spinner

The idea is to measure distances in millimeters 2 described in the picture:

  • DI: Internal Diameter
  • DO: open diameter (or outer)
  • H: Height (screen rolling flat)

By noting these numbers in order, you will have a result at DIxDOxH format. It is this format that manufacturers indicate the bearing measurements. Sometimes you will also find the notation DI * DO * Hmm.

When buying, it must also be considered an important element: The two letters sometimes present on the bearing. You can find RS or ZZ example:

– RS means that if rolling contains a piece of rubber to hold the ball in place.

– 2RS means that a rubber band is present on both sides.

– Z and ZZ means that the bearing comes with a seal on one side or both. It must avoid this type of bearing for handspinner as this greatly slow the rotation and does not achieve very high speeds.

What is the best environment to repair his hand spinner

Admittedly, the worst enemy of the bearing is dust. So he must remember to prepare a good workspace before starting cleaning operations. Professionals use “clean rooms” totally hermetic parts and protected from any outside agency. To simulate this situation, we found an unstoppable technique: In your bathroom or shower room, install a work plan instead of sink. Then, 30 minutes before your surgery, take a shower or bath. This will have the effect to moisten the air. When humidity will fall to the ground, it will carry dust with it. You will therefore have an environment free of dust suspended for the rest of the room drying time. With me, it leaves me almost an hour to work.

Rating for competition and for records

The bearings are not at their maximum potential right after cleaning or repair. Indeed, it must wait until the excess lubricant naturally wicks during rotation. After an hour of use in excellent dust-free environment, handspinner should be at its maximum capacity.

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